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    I have a very special client moving to Broken Arrow, OK. She is one of those clients you kill for. She is very sweet and never rushes you. Her little furbaby is very close to my heart I want to make sure he is taken well care of. His name is Rocket he is an old Shih-Tzu. Easy groom, ranges from #5 all over to 1/2 inch. short teddybear head short bobbed ears nothing fancy. He does have some feeling issues in his rear. He can stand, walk all of that. This issue doesn't make it any more difficult to groom than any other dog. He just needs some one to be gentle and give him love. I'll be honest I don't know how much longer he will live. I just want him to have a caring groomer as we all know there are bad ones out there. I would appreciate ya'lls help with this.


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    I think Odette Lives in broken arrow area