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  • Hello

    Cindy here, grooming stillwater area.Ive been grooming 26 years. Been lurking around this site for awhile just noticed you can go to a specific state not very observant i guess. Anyways Hi all from stillwater.

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    hi welcome.this si a new addition,,,so don't beat yourself up!
    ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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      Dang got all lost on page 3, poor you! I am not from Oklahoma, but any state whose abbreviation is OK, is ok in my book!
      I think Odette might be the only other "practicing Okie" from what I I bumped ya up so that maybe at least one person from a neighboring Ohio or New Mexico or Maine, America can welcome you.

      Welcome from Oklamaryland!
      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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        Its a daisy of a day in Oklahoma

        Hi Cindy. I am Patti and I do mobile in the stilly/cushing/chandler area.


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          Hi Cindy,
          I'm Lori, HAve grromed in Moore Okahoma for over 13 years. Nice to see other okies on the forum.


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            Hi from Newcastle! And a ?

            Hi all! I am in Newcastle, OK (pretty close to Moore). I started my home based grooming this past summer. Still in the process of converting my garage. It's coming along! My husband and I have been doing all the work ourselves slowly, so it is taking some time. Starting out debt free is the best!!

            Question... What is your average turn over rate for clients? I seem to not be getting too many repeats. I am thinking they are just out to get the cheapest rate. I get really busy if I advertise on craigslist with a % off. But then they never come back. Is this normal or should I be worried about the quality of my grooms? I thought I did excellent jobs! I don't have too much hands on training from a school. I grew up grooming our family poodle, got a job at a pet store and did their puppies baths, worked as a groomers assistant for a few months (she told me I was the best she had had in a LONG time), and I have now been training with Jodi Murphy's dvd's and all the grooming books recommended. So, it's not like I don't know what I am doing. But, the low client list has me worried.