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  • Starting out: Columbus, OH

    Hello everyone:

    I've been reading the forum talks for a month or so and wanted to ask a couple questions about getting started as a dog groomer.

    I'll be moving to Columbus, Ohio in the near future and have done some research on-line about dog grooming. I'm not finding any type of dog grooming school in the central Ohio area so I would like to ask for your suggestions on getting started.

    From all the boards, it appears that Pet-something may be a good way to get started on the path, starting as a bather and then moving into grooming. Has anyone taken this path? I'd be interested to hear your experience. What are the downsides to this path? This is a new and exciting field I would like to pursue and I'm ready to start as a bather/apprentice and work hard.

    Is it difficult to find a groomer with which I can apprentice? What is the best way to go about finding someone - want ads, on-line job boards?

    I've loved dogs my whole life and have always wanted to work with them and am now ready to make the move.

    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    pet-something path

    i went through the pet-something path. i do hear that they now require you to sign a contract stating you will stay with them for so long and if/when you leave you cannot work too close to them. i live a few hours south of you, so i do not know of schools in your area. i do believe some places do apprentices. just make sure it's a friendly environment and business is good where ever you start. you don't want to have to be stuck someplace when no one gets along or there isn't enough work to go around.


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      I went to Petsomething. You have to sign a 2 year contract. And when you quit you can't work 20 miles from your store for 2 years. They give some training but not the best. Its 1 month then they send you back to your store where you work for them 2 more months then send in paperwork and them bam your a groomer. Its a good way to get your foot in the door but its not all the training your going to need. Make sure you take other online class or classes at expos!

      Hope this helps!