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    OK, hubby really wants to move to Columbus. I'm thinking about it, but want to know what the market there is like for mobile grooming. When we lived in Toledo prices for grooms were about half of what I was able to charge in NY. I know Columbus is a different kind of town. How has the slow economy effected that area? Is there room for more mobile groomers there? How is the market? I was talking to a groomer a few years back, before the economy tanked, and she told me that Columbus was in dire need of more mobile groomers, as that's where she was. Don't know if that is still the case. If we moved we'd be closer to hubby's family and we would see his best friend much more often. He really hates it here in NY. I didn't really like living in Ohio, but maybe Columbus would be better. Whatever the case, I am much more able to adjust and make the best of things than hubby is. I figure after 7 years here in NY, he's just not going to learn to like it! As long as he can watch the Buckeyes play, he'll be happy. And I'm sure you all get redwing hockey there. Our son is named after Stevie Y.
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    I think Columbus is in a lot better shape than Cleveland as far as jobs go; could be wrong, but Columbus looks a lot newer.

    I have been there for dog shows in the last year and the exit north of the city where all the shopping is, is very built up and absolutely packed with shoppers for miles.

    Prob not much help - just my observations.


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      I live 60 miles away in Dayton. I would love to move to Columbus. The suburbs of Columbus are great. The city, not so much. The grooming prices there are much higher than where I live. You just have to pick a good location but the clients are plentiful. Do a google search for the Columbus area to get an idea of the prices and where a need might be. Good Luck!


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        I have to say that I lived in Grove City (southwest suburb of Columbus) for 12 years and was not too impressed with it. Just wasn't a good fit for our family. I wasn't a groomer then but I will have to say that I think there should be plenty of clients for a mobile groomer but I don't know how many mobiles are around Columbus. There's someone on the board from Marysville but for the life of me I can't remember who. I'll think on that. There's also someone on here from Hilliard. They could probably give a better insight. Maybe they'll see the thread and comment. I guess it just depends on what you're looking for. Just wasn't for me and I am so glad to be back in the South. Good luck to you.
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          That is major. I guess your great groomer helper might be pleased to take over?

          Anyway I've been there, dog show and visiting a friend on the way to Dayton Ham Radio Expo. My friend's Mother still lives there but doesn't have a dog. It's seems to be a pleasant city and lower cost of living. Good luck with such a major decision.
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            Wow big move huh. We are moving too, to Florida. My husband got a job there and is already there working while I prepare the house to sell. Did your husband find work there? I thought he just got a big raise? I dont know anything about Columbus really for mobiles, except I thought I heard there were a lot of them there. Good luck!
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              Well, he got the big raise after I asked LOL. It's something he's been asking to do for the last few years and he's so unhappy here. I don't think we'd be moving anytime soon. We have to get rid of some debt so we'd be in the position to buy a house when we move, wherever we move. Right now we're kind of stuck in our little tiny house until we can get another mortgage. At least with this raise we can do it faster.
              I do struggle with the thought of leaving my business behind and starting over somewhere else. I have the best clients in the world. I had one today who actually told me she and her daughter were talking about all of their many blessings, and she said they both mentioned ME as one of them! Wow. So right now I'm just trying to figure out what things are like there. prices were SO low in Toledo. I mean, I was doing Shih Tzu's for $16 13 years ago there! The average groom price was $21.50 and that was pretty much the going rate for the area. When I moved I was suddenly MAKING that in commission as the average price was $40 where I went in NY. Of course, that was 7 years ago and prices have changed since then. I just don't want to go back to having to kill myself grooming a ton of dogs to make a good living.
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                Columbus is good

                Hi!! I currently live in Pataskala, which is about 20 mins east of Columbus, but I was born and raised there!! The cost of living is much better here, and there is a need for good mobile groomers! There aren't too many and if you traveled to the higher end areas like Powell or Dublin, which is still only about 15-20 mins North you can make really good $$$!! I have never done mobile, so I don't know a lot about it, but I do know they charge about $15-20 higher per groom than what a shop groomer charges! I would suggest googleing columbus ohio mobile groomers and check out the web pages and maybe call to get prices to get an idea of what you would be able to charge!! Good luck, and when you do make the move here I could always help you buy a home I'm also a Realtor and would love to help ya out



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                  I have a friend that has a shop in the suburbs in Columbus and asked her why she didn't have a mobile and she says there are alot of mobile groomers there so maybe you should really look into it when you do decide what your going to do. She didn't say if they were "good groomers" but just thought I would throw in my 2 cents.