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Hey Ohioans . . . Let's Get Acquainted!

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  • Hey Ohioans . . . Let's Get Acquainted!

    I know there are a bunch of us on here from Ohio. Tell us a little about yourself, so we can get to know you.

    I am a five-time GroomTeam USA member and an ISCC Certifier and Consultant. I moved back to the Cincinnati area after my bicycle accident in 2003. Although I haven't actively groomed since then, I am staying within the industry. I have earned an associate degree in graphic design. I am currently starting a business that provides graphic design, web design and consultations to the grooming and pet care industry.

    My standard poodle puppy, Kali, is being trained to be an assistance dog for me. Right now she is with a friend of mine learning the basics, but she will be back the end of this month and I will be working with her through Circle Tail, which is near my home. You can visit them at

    I am also working with a few people to help organize a groomer's association for Ohio or or the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana Tri-State area. We may just make it a regional association and include Michigan. Pennsylvania and West Virginia if they want to join as well. We'll be having a meeting to look at possibilities soon.

    OK, now it's someone else's turn . . . tell us a little about yourself . . . what part of the state are you in, how much experience do you have, anything else that you want to share . . .

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    I live 35 miles northwest of Columbus, out in the country, up on a hill, in a 1870 brick Italianate, with no neighbors, except a graveyard and a herd of cattle across the road. Went to grooming school in 1982, after an old boyfriend bought me a wire-haired mini doxie. I just woke up one day and said that I needed to go to grooming school to groom my mini, doxie, wasn’t that crazy !! Then to earn back my tuition $$, I started to grooming while I worked at the Ohio State Medical Center. I worked and groomed for the next 18 years, got burnt out from grooming every night, moved out in the country, seven years later I retired from Ohio State, started my mobile business 4 months later and have been busy ever since. ………some retirement !!....but I’m having the time of my life :>) I own 5 darling little doxies and a, how happy can one get !!

    Happy Retirement !!

    Dolly’s Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      hi i live in sidney,ohio about 45 min from dayton. i own my own grooming shop for the last 4 yrs. i worked in a factory for 15 yrs real tried of that so went to school to groom. i love it.
      i have a good client based shop and sell retail. i like to learn new things to help the dogs skin.i'm a single mom with two kids 9 and 6 an also 4 dogs,2 doxies smooth an wire,lab,beagle so im pretty wore out at the end of the day. i would love to join something close to home.
      i'm to chicken to do grooming for competition. so let me know if we can get something started i would love to be involed.

      the best thing in life have 4 paws
      4 Paws Grooming Salon


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        I live just outside of Columbus, in a suburb, I'm about 45 minutes southwest from Dolly. In fact, I drive by her road every Wednesday evening as I'm heading to agility class.
        Anyway, I'm 34 and started grooming when I was about 22. I started at P-Something, and quickly realized what a hole that place was LOL. I found another grooming job at a vet clinic, and the head groomer there was into competitions, so I got involved in that, as well. I competed pretty steadily in Novice/Intermediate from 2001-2004, then decided to take a break and do some agility with my dogs. I'm slowly getting back into competition, competing in A now. I'm also still doing agility, my Mojo (aussie) is competing at the Excellent level and I have dreams of his getting his MACH someday.
        I wish I could help out with a state grooming organization, but between agility, and keeping up my competition dogs on the weekends, not to mention the other parts of my life, I have no time. I think it's great though, and would love to attend anything that is put together.
        After 7 years (2007) at the vet clinic I decided to go out on my own and started my own mobile business, Pogo's Paw Spa, named after my papillon. Most of my clients followed me, so I was busy from day one and after 9-10 months was unable to take on any new clients. I should have shut that off sooner, since I was TOO busy, but it's all evened out now.

        I'm married to a wonderful guy who loves my dogs as much as I do and helps me out as much as he can. I have 5 dogs; 3 aussies: Mojo 3 1/2 blue merle; Monte 9 1/2 black tri,; Brahma 10 black tri; Pogo 13 the tri papillon; and Honey Bear 14 the foster that came to stay. She was one of my clients, her owner passed away, so we took her in, she's a great little dog. We also have 2 cats, Teddy and Troy. No kids thank goodness! I've never wanted any and took permanent steps to ensure there wouldn't be any LOL.
        So that's me, if anyone is passing through the Columbus area, let me know, I love to meet up with other groomers.


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          Checking in

          Great thread Kathleen,
          I've been grooming for a little over 14 years, last years I was able to open my own grooming shop in Troy, about 30min south of 4 paws. I learned to groom from my MIL when I was wanting to get out of retail.. Once I started I never looked back.. before opening my own shop I managed a chain stores shop for 7 years count the days until I could open my own. I hope to start competing next year an the novice level with my standard. I will be starting my ISCC classes this fall and can't wait.
          I'm married to a great guy who's very familiar with the industry because of his mother and he supports me with everything I do. We've got two human kids Kylie and Konnor 16,14 who both bathe for me. Plus our three canine children. Boogie,pom/poo mix Daisy, pug and Carson my standard (my avatar)
          I look forward to the association and getting to meet some of the area groomers. If anyones in the area contact me i would love to get together..
          "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
          and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck


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            hello wag more thats great your in troy. i tried studing for iscc but when your single mom its hard to find time. i have all the books dvd study guide its pretty intaling. good luck maybe i can get back to it.


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              Well you know me Kathleen LOL, But I thought I'd add my post just to kick this up. I live between Blanchester and Morrow Ohio. I've been grooming now for about 4 years, I started by taking some courses at the Vocational School here on Grooming, just to be able to groom my dog and family member dogs better, then I was hooked, since then I've used books, DVD's, Seminar's whatever I could to get more information, Oh and don't want to forget all the wonderful people on this board also ;-) I groom out of my house for practice, practice, practice and more practice. LOL I just started at a local Grooming Salon in my area working Saturday's (I have a full time non Grooming job as well). I'm hoping that my Saturday job will turn into my Full time job in the near future =)

              OK Next...... LOL
              "No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin


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                I live in the Dayton area and have worked at a vet clinic for about 5 years now. I'm about 45 minutes from Cincy and 50 from Columbus depending on the current and perpetual orange barrel situation. The first three at the clinic were in the kennel part time. Then I became the full time bather and did that for the last 2 and half years. Now I'm going to school for grooming and am currently doing the 'easier' (haha) grooms maybe 3 or 4 a day right now.

                I hope to become Certified within five years as I pay off school and save money for testing, etc. I just haven't deciding with who yet. I've found that most clients are clueless about the whole certified issue and most here don't care too much as long as their dogs looks like they want. I want to do it for me and I'd like to be able to compete someday.

                I'd like to go to at least one trade show a year starting next spring. I've never gotten to go to any type of show and think it'd be real cool.

                I went to art school for graphic desgin and illustration. Way back when you made up copy boards by hand (what a pain in the bum) instead of sending off a computer disk or downloading a file to the printer's website. I do occasional freelance artwork when I have time. I'll be happy if I can learn to do with hair and scissors what I can do with pencil and paper. I love grooming and love learning to do scissor work.

                I'll share a few drawings with you ..........
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                  Hello fellow Groomers

                  Hello ICare, and Brahma

                  I live in Columbus, west side. Lived in grove city for a couple of years and 2 months ago bought a home. I have an all seasons room that I'm turning into a grooming room. It's almost finished. I also have a second job non grooming, work there 4 days a week and groom 3 days. (I need a vacation.) Or at least one day off.
                  I live with 3 Shih Tzu, I'm single and like it that way. Stay pretty busy most of the time.
                  Haven't been able to go to any trade shows, summer before last I had planned to go to Pet Quest but my washer died so had to use the money to replace it. I am definately going this next summer.


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                    Hi Everyone
                    My name is Susanna and I have a grooming shop in West Liberty, OH (50 mi. NW of Columbus). I'm near Ohio Caverns and Mad River Mtn. I've been grooming 7 years. I went to school in Toledo and a couple of years ago I spent a week learning at Nanhall in NC (loved it). I have a small mixed breed named Floyd (I'm told he looks like a hyena - not that ugly though). I also have 2 cats: Tawny and Puddin'. I'm a volunteer at my local shelter - I do a little grooming but now mainly temperament testing (observing dog behavior is fascinating)! I have a husband and a little boy 3 1/2 yrs old.
                    I absolutely love learning and always want to improve.
                    Nice to meet you all!


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                      Hi my name is L.A./Lisa, I go by either! It is amazing to see so many people from Ohio. I currently live in Dayton-but I know where West Liberty is because I grew up in Bellefountanie, OH. I used to be in the mental health field but for my mental health I decided to take a break and work at a vet's office. While there everyone always complemented me on how I groomed my mini poodle. It didn't take long and I started working a box salon, I have been there 2.5 years and it is a good start. I keep trying to learn all I can-attend seminars, read books, get online, watch videos-really anything! I have two Poodles, three Chinese Cresteds and a Std. Xolo (Mexican Hairless). Usually a foster dog or two running around also.
                      I would love to be a part of the Ohio/Tri-State grooming group that is forming and get to know everyone better! I have been looking into ISCC certification for the near future. So good to meet everyone!


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                        just in time

                        A friend of mine just moved from California to Mainville Ohio and she is looking for a groomer...any takers???


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                          Pink, check your PMs. I am in the area and the shop where I Care grooms on Saturdays is in Maineville. Also, Karla Addington-Smith, who is a speaker and an IJA judge just opened a salon in Maineville. Your friend would do well with any of these options.


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                            Just found this HELLO!

                            My name is Danielle, and I live in southern Ohio, like 5 minutes from Kentucky and half an hour from West Virginia. I have a bachelor's in biological science minor in chemistry from Marshall University, worked in medical research for almost a year with plans to go back and get my Ph.D., but found out (well after the fact) that I didn't like the direction my career was headed. I'm not the personality type to be couped up in a lab for 12 hours, I like to talk to people! So, after a lot of soul-searching and prayer, I looked into going to grooming school. I've been grooming (mainly show cats-Persians & Himmies- and my 2 little dogs) for over 14 years, but never thought about doing it professionally until talking to a friend and seeing a serious need in our area. So, I took the leap, went to school, got certified, and opened my own home-based shop about a year and half ago. Needless to say, it has been a lot of fun, a lot of hard-work (never realizing just how physical this job could be , steadily growing, developing great relationships with some of my fav clients and their precious pups, trying my best to learn more skills, and praying for success. It is quite "scary" to be self-employed in a tough economy, but I believe that God is taking care of me!

                            I have my 2 "oldies but goodies" puppies...Puppy Love, a beautiful Silky-mix that I found on the side of the highway, abandoned and covered with ticks, she is now 12 (??) and oh so very spoiled. Next is my Teenie, she is a Poodle-mix, now 10 years old, and is a mommy's girl - has to be with me ALL the time! She was diagnosed about 2 years ago with a seizure disorder, so I worry about her a lot. I have a new addition (given to me by my mother) a teacup Poodle named "Doo Rags" or affectionately Raggie, she is 3 years old and is quite spoiled, I've always loved grooming her, and my mom wanted to place her, I said she couldn't b/c I would take her. I also have a brood of Persians and Himmies b/c I raise them, so lets see I have 7 of them! AAAHHH! Emmett (my spoiled neuter that I hand-raised), Minnie, Fergie, Sunny, P. Ditty, Pretty Boy, and my domestic longhair rescue Momma Moo. I'm single and have no children b/c I obviously have too many "furry" children! I wouldn't trade them for anything really!

                            WOW, I can't believe how long this is (sorry?), but that is pretty much me. I'm so glad to meet all of you and would love to have an association where we could all meet each other! I need some groomer friends!


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                              Thank you for the referrals I have sent them on and she will be calling u guys!!!