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Ann Martis Seminar in Greensboro, NC

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  • Ann Martis Seminar in Greensboro, NC

    I didn't put this one together, but she's going to be doing a 2 day seminar in Greensboro on "the complete poodle" in June.

    I'll forward more info when I get it!

    ETA: Sorry for the typo in the title of this thread. I just now noticed it, ugh!
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    You all should go

    I attended her Complete Poodle workshop in Los Gatos, California and it was awesome. I learned a ton and had lots of fun. It is totally worth the money and the time.


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      Can you provide more info? I took her class in Atlanta couple years ago and it was great.


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        nc seminar

        I was wondering how you purchase tickets and what the date and place is? I just moved to NC and I always wanted to go to a seminar . This one is close enough to me. I can always learn more about poodle cuts. Thanks in advance Lainie


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          If I have moved there by then, count me in. It may be July though before I get there


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            I don't have more info yet, but with Ann's permission, I will post more when she sends it to me!


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              Can Someone..

              Please message me with more information, or when it is posted, as I am not on this thing often anymore! Thanks again! :-)


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                I'll be there


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                  OK, this just in!!! lol

                  Ann Martin's Complete Poodle workshop/seminar assisted by Irina Pinkusevich NCMG
                  June 19 & 20
                  Nan Hall grooming school
                  Greensboro NC

                  You can contact Ann Martin @ Legacy shears dot com to sign up or want more information.


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                    I really want to go - I hope it's affordable....!


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                      I'm sad cause it's too much

                      The Complete Poodle Seminar by Ann Martin is on Facebook

                      $250, I can't afford it at this time. I didn't know that seminars were expensive. So very unfortunate, I wanted to go. I would love to attend a seminar. I will try to start saving my tips for the next seminar that is available. It will be worth it in the end.



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                        I could go to this one too, but it is just not going to work out for myself to go. Too much drama, and family issues going on that is preventing me to not go.. Hope to make another one! :-) <3 Myboo


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                          I attempted to try to get part of it paid and was told yesterday that it wasn't in the budget. It sucks because I had full support from my salon manager, and general manager to go )c: I'm on my own, by myself and get no other support than what I bring in from grooming... and it wains day to day with this economy. I just can't afford to pay that much for a Seminar. Why can't they be more affordable? And I NEED the help! lol, considering I have competed and want to continue to do so (c:

                          Well, if anyone wants to have another poodle seminar and it doesn't cost half of my rent - I'll go!