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    I housecall groomed a kitty yesterday. Mask, Purell, disposable smock, Chlorox wipes on surfaces I touched. Walked 40 blocks because the Governor wants us to only take public transport if necessary. I did take buses for part of the trip because walking that far is kind of tiring. 4 people in the bus, no fares are paid, front 1/3 of bus cordoned off to protect our brave drivers.

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    I’ve been thinking of you. Especially when I saw this episode of Ask A House Cleaner on YouTube.

    I don’t know how to do links but do a search on YouTube.
    Ask a House Cleaner. Coronavirus. What house cleaners don’t want you to know.

    Angela Brown is the speaker. She is so calm and informative. Basically, this episode is about how house cleaners are already experts at staying germ free as possible because, they don’t get paid if they aren’t working. They have been practicing these techniques for years already.


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      Stay safe, Emma.
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!


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        I love Angela Brown. Will watch that video for sure!


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          NYC is much more lively now. People are dining outside. I went into a clothing store yesterday! More people are on the bus and subway. Streets are nowhere near as busy as they used to be, but at least they are not deserted. Most everyone wears a mask. Some wear rubber gloves too.

          I am getting calls from new clients. That is different from the last 2 months, during which no new clients asked for service.

          Since I now make more than $500 gross per week, I no longer qualify for pandemic unemployment insurance in nyc. The problem with that limit is nyc rent for a basic studio apt in a safe area is about $1900, so you can imagine how $500 gross a week is not enough to keep up with expenses. I am making quite a bit less than I used to make, due to many clients still being away from nyc.

          Two of my clients were laid off. They didn't like their jobs, so hopefully will find something better.


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            I hope you stay safe and well Emma.