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need mobile groomers in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

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  • need mobile groomers in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

    Hi, my name is Lisa and I have been mobile in the Jackson area for 18 or 19 years. My husband is retiring and we are moving to North Carolina. I am looking for mobile groomers to take over some of my special needs clients in Colts Neck, Millstone, Jackson, and Manchester. By special needs I mean dogs with behavior problems, and or neurotic owners. Most of these clients stay in the truck with me. I have trained them very well and they know how to hold their dogs, or keep them comfortable. Some it is just the owner that is nervous, but they really do not get in the way. I would really like to find them new groomers. I am not looking to sell my business, it will be up for grabs. Over the years I have downsized to where I just do a few dogs a day. All of my customers treat me like family. I don't put up with any rudeness.
    I have 2 schnauzers in Colts Neck, one is very well behaved. The other was a demon when I first started him. Now his owner comes out with him, she holds him while I shave and pluck his ears, and do his pads. Then she goes in and I bathe him and give him a haircut with no problems whatsover.
    I have a Springer in Jackson that just gets a haircut, the owner bathes him, he comes in the van and holds him, muzzled. The owner shrieks like a little girl if the dog tries to bite or if I bump him with the clippers. It is histerical. The dog just gets a 7strip and behaves pretty well.
    I have a customer in Freehold with a cat and a German Shepard, both are very well behaved and no problems. He is just a very nice person and a good customer, and I would like to help him find a good groomer.
    There are also 2 cats near Englishtown that are very well behaved and need a special groomer.
    There are 3 Golden Doodles at one house in Jackson that get done in a 0 comb every 6 weeks, some knots, but no matts, they all climb right in the tub and are very well behaved. They take about 6 hours to groom.
    There is also a cocker in Millstone who has never been groomed by anyone but me, she is 15 years old and her owner has always stayed with her. She is very well behaved and the owner knows how to help without being in the way. She is in a short cocker clip, and gets a bath but is afraid of the dryer, so she just gets towel dryed.
    There are others also but these are the most important ones. If you would be interested in any of these clients please let me know. My customers would like to meet the new groomers before I leave.
    We are hoping to be in North Carolina by May 31st.