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    Hi all, just doing some pre-lem thinking this boys are seriously looking at MT for jobs and a change of environment. Not sure where, but I have extended family in Fairfield/Great Falls area. Just wondering what the grooming climate is like? Any mobiles? As DH and I are basically foot loose and fancy free, and we moved back from AZ to be around family, I guess if the "family" decides to move, we'll probably go with. LOL Just getting some ideas to mull around. Nothing happening soon.

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    I am the sole mobile groomer in the Gallatin Valley in southwest Montana. We have a couple of new shops opening up which is a really good thing. I am booked solid six weeks out. Keeping my van thawed in winter is not so fun but I've got the routine down. I don't have a garage to keep it in Bozeman is a service industry/college town. There are a lot of folks with money and it is a beautiful place to live.