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no one wants my puppies!!

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  • no one wants my puppies!!

    I still have two puppies from my last litter. They will be 5 months old on the 29th. I've spent over a thousand dollars advertising for this litter, and the first 6 went quickly, then number 7 went about a month later, but i've had little to no inquiries about these two, and the few inquiries i had, they unfortunately didn't work out.

    So i'm putting it out there to all you groomers cause maybe you know someone who wants an older standard poodle puppy. They are both wonderful dogs. If any groomers in canada, or northwestern US want to put a poster or something up in their salon, I will give a $75 referal fee to you, if someone you send works out to be a good home for my babies. you can link to my website,

    The female is very active, and needs lots of stimulation. She is black with a bit of white on her chest and chin, and she has a full tail. She is slightly aloof of strangers, but not afraid, and it doesn't take too long before she warms up to people and is all over them. She is used to dogs and cats, small children. She walks well on a leash and understands sit quite well.

    The male is less active. Still a playful puppy, but he's much mellower. he is black with a docked tail. He is NOT aloof of strangers. He immediately loves everyone. He is also used to dogs and cats and small children, and is used to the leash, but hasn't been walked as often as the female. His main issue is he gets stressed in the car. I still take him to many places with me, so he's used to the car, but she drools. I think someone could get him over it with shorter rides, and giving treats in the car etc.

    you can PM me or e-mail me for more into. [email protected]

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    What are you asking for them?


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      i will ask around

      I had trouble getting a home for my las puppy , I think it is tough times spending money on a dog is less likley at this time i found a wonderful home it just took longer than i hoped , The pup i kept drools still in the car i will keep taking him for short ride any suggestions anybody


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        For car sickness

        I had drooling in the car with last borzoi. He was 4 months when I got him and he drooled from that first day. I tried EVERYTHING over a period of 2 months: put him in car without moving--no problem. Fed him while in van--no problem. Put him in van with engine running, but not moving--no problem. Tried to take him for a short trip and he was drooling within 45 seconds, no joke! Finally started him on Bonine for car rides, it is a motion sickness med for people. We gave it to him 1 hour before traveling, no drooling at all. After 1 year of doing that (he traveled alot as he was a show dog) we tried not giving it to him and VIOLA! he had outgrown his car sickness. And because he was not drooling, he learned to love going for car rides.
        Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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          hello.not sure but i know the economy is ard right now,so maybe thats why,i had a call the other day for an older dog.maybe i can see if she wants an older puppy.maybe try dropping the price.or or start to crate train and house break the puppy and advertise that they are housebroken and crate trianed. i know a lot of people like when that is already done for them.or poswt some sighns at the local vets.mine go to homes in the area,but i know sometimes it is hard to get all of them good homes.i know they will though.wish i could help more lori.