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Looking for used grooming supplies. Needed ASAP!!

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  • Looking for used grooming supplies. Needed ASAP!!

    I have finished my training and have been grooming for about two years now I recently lost my grooming job and need to buy some tools. I was paying towards tools my original employer had purchased outright for me and when I left she refused to give me even a portion. All I have is thinning shears and I'm In search of some used grooming equipment because I have a test dog for a new job this upcoming Sunday. If any one has used shears (curved prefered) an old clipper and some basic blades I am completely willing to buy them from you. Help a fellow mn groomer out?

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    Do you have anything in writing about putting money towards the equipment you had at your previous job?

    If so, take her to small claims court and get what is rightfully yours.


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      That is AWFUL ! The woman stole from you, no questions about it! I will look to see what I have for you. What a lousy thing to do! You are better off not being there any longer.



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        I have an andis two speed special edition that I can send you! Just changed the blade drive recently. Nothing wrong with it, just got a new (lighter) pair!

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          I have tons of scissors including a brand new pair of Oster super steels I won't be using that I'm letting go for a song, but it's not going to do you much good for Sunday.


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            I have a few blades that you are welcome to....they do need sharpening so no help for Sun. Pm me if you want a few 10 and 7F charge except for shipping.
            Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.