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    I have an old classmate who is fostering a Pit Bull. She is terrified to do nails and the poor dog needs a nail trim badly. I will be visiting my Parent's On Sunday and told her I would do the nails then , but if she decides to keep Rocco , she will need a long term Solution. I know that Mpls was trying to do a breed ban , but she states she cannot find a groomer (around the Columbia Heights /NE Mpls area) that will groom pits. Do any of you have a Suggestion?

    Also i need the name of a good Groomer in Rochester . . . Seems one of my long time clients is Moving there the end of April. She has the Sweetest Shih baby and Persian cat and I told her I would find a loving groomer to take over for me . . ..

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    I have 2 fostered pitties for the last 3 years. Groomers have also refused to do my dogs so I took the pit (so to speak) by the horn , put a muzzle on them and clipped them myself. She will need to get the dogs used to her handeling their feet. Have her put their paws in her hand and start rubbing them. Over time the dogs get used to it. Once you can read the dog, and this does take time, she will be able to get those nails done. I still only do my girls front feet one day and the back feet the next. In the meantime, she will need to get them done so the dogs don't have issues.

    BTW, I'm a travel agent and not a groomer yet, That will be my next career choice. I've been doing Poms and Pitties for years with no direction, so looking forward to retraining in grooming! I have been reading this site for about a year now and the groomers here are a wealth of information and help! Wish I lived closer so I could help out with the dogs. Best of luck to your friend.


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      Send them my way, no charge for nail clips and I do plenty of pits. I'll PM you.


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        Thanks Passionate!! But . . . .

        it's not a matter of muzzling the dog and strong arming it into a nail trim. The dog is being fostered by an elderly couple . . . in their 50's In this case they are looking for a groomer who will do the whole spa thing for their foster boy.

        Thanks you Tons LJR!! I think this is the 2nd or third time you've come to my rescue . . .LOL I should put you on speed dial!!