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    Hello From Winona

    Been a long time since I've posted in here . . . But hello from Winona MN.

    Love the new lay out!!!!


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      Rolling Groomer in Hastings

      I am new to the site and today I found all your emails. I graduated in Jan 2010 from a grooming school here in Hastings called Rio Gran and then started my mobile business in April. Many in the community think its a great idea, but I am still trying to reach all the local dog people. I am doing quite a few dogs for the senior community, but I kknow there are more future clients out there. Has anyone heard about the grooming show in October to be held at the Hilton by Mall of America? I guess they are still getting it put together.


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        Originally posted by Peaster View Post
        Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow MN groomers. Good morning and Happy Grooming today!
        hello from Albert Lea MN, Brenda's Grooming here, was nice here, but raining here, hey to all new and old groomers, I finally found a good grooming program to use on your computer to log in all dog and customer information. and its cheap! go to and its called manage my kennel pro, its for kennels and groomers, check it out! l love it! just wanted to give all the groomers a heads up on this program. you can even put a picture of the dog your grooming in the program.


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          Moving to MN

          Here I go again!! Originally I'm from Thunder Bay, Canada. Married my DH and moved to we are planning to move to the Two Harbors area. Wondering if anyone on here is in the northeast MN area - would really like to meet some groomers from the area


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            Northern MN doesn't feel so "Northern" for January

            Hi All MN Groomers;
            I'm from the Northern MN area, Bagley. And cannot believe it is 24 degrees on Jan 8th this morning.
            We've had weather that is unbelievable for Dec/Jan. It's helping grooming appts...People don't want "dirt" in their house carried in on their dogs feet that are overgrown this time of year. It's a struggle to convince people that it is "OKAY" to groom their dogs in the Minnesota winter.


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              Moving thread back up... I'm from Bagley, MN. Wondering when the next Minnesota Grooming Expo is and where.