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    Hi all - I'm fairly new into grooming and need to send some blades out to be sharpened...Also I'd like my scissors looked at too... Where are you all sending your stuff ?

    Thanks for the info... Are you liking the SNOW today...Can't believe that darn groundhog didn't see his shadow !!!!!!

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    If you are around grand rapids area search for a rays sharpening service I had him do mine yrs ago, he did nice work. he was mobile


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      Hi ... Thanks I'll check them out too...GR is about 1/2 hour away... I did find a guy in North Muskegon called B-Sharp...I just got my scissors back and it seems he did a good job.. Thanks for the reply...Enjoy your weekend...


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        I use bellsblazinblades

        Super nice guy!

        We had 6 pair of shears and 11 blades sharpened for under $120!


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          Tom at B Sharp is GREAT! Moved to California and still send my blades and scissors back to him!


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            I only use precision sharp in PA. Been grooming 15 years n this is the only one I'm satisfied with. Never concerned about sending even the most high end shears


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              I suggest maling them to our service. I still own a grooming shop in Grayling, and sharpened there for 15 years. I did most of lower MI, the UP and northern WI. I even sharpened Paragon every other month back then.

              I think I have about 60 customers that still mail to me from there because they couldnt find a local guy that satisfied them. If you mail by Wednesday, you get it back by the next wednesday, we are possibly the fastest service.

              At least go look at my website, and check out eh videos that will help your stuff last months and not weeks no matter who sharpenes your equipment.

              Why did I leave Michigan? I didnt want to go through another UP winter, I have pictures of the last one on my photo page, not pretty. I donated my snow shovel to my kennel workers and they thinmks its a larger poop scoop.

              Well, thats it from me.

              Jeff Andrews
              Northern Tails Sharpening, Inc
              Mobile, Alabama &
              New Orleans, Louisiana
              251-661-7808 fax

              [email protected]
              "You NOW Have A Better Choice"

              “A certified Sharkfin sharpening service”