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  • Boston groomers?

    Hi, all. I just got presented with an opportunity to relocate to Boston, Winthrop to be exact. It's not a job offer but an offer of a place to live, on the beach and very affordable. I'd be staying with folks I know so it'd make for an easier transition from Palm Springs, Ca.
    My question....what is it like with grooming in Boston? I have multiple decades of experience, mostly owning my own shops. I've learned that different areas of the country can have different attitudes and ways of doing things. Looking on Craigslist at job listings, I saw a couple shops that offered 40%. Really?!?!? Curious too about average prices on grooms. And if there is a "typical" type of groom, i.e. lots of 1xyrs, pitweilers, p.i.t.a.s, lots of hand scissored stuff, etc. If I'm in Winthrop, how far could I reasonably commute before road rage takes over.
    This would be a MAJOR move, taking just what would fit in my little SUV. So at this point I'm exploring the idea.

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    welcome! if you come. I am south shore in a higher end community as a mobile. We hire at 50% usually and average about 20 to 30 bucks more than shops. We have the usual poodle mixes but there is a growth in Bernese Mt Dogs. Ugh. I hate grooming them. LOL