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Really No one on PG is in KS?

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  • Really No one on PG is in KS?

    No KS groomers? Really...maybe its the lovely weather we have! Well I'll admit I'm from Kansas.

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    I'm sorry, I'm not in Kansas! I just felt so bad for your lonely little post, LOL. You and Toto are all by yourselves!


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      I've been on here forever and NO has fessed up to living here!!! What's with that?? And I know there are other groomers here I think there are now 3 in my hometown!! I guess it is just me and Toto!!


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        Guess they all went to OZ

        Are you related to Dorothy? Hows' ToTo? I'm out here with the Phoenix ;Oz is pretty but nothing compares to the Grand Canyon.IMO

        Come visit here, then you won't be lonely.


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          where bouts in kansas??/

          My home town and family live in Wamego Kansas just east of manhattan


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            Originally posted by Jenneversage64 View Post

            Come visit here, then you won't be lonely.
            hmmm road trip to somewhere warm....that's tempting. No relation to Dorothy...and believe it or not I have never even groomed a Toto before. All these NON KS replies will HAVE to shake out some hidden KS people. Janelle I love in Stilwell which is about 20 mile South of Kansas City KS. My home town is Hillsdale my parents live a horseback ride from Hillsdale Lake.


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              Fellow Kansan - Yea!

              Hey there all you Kansan-ites! (is that a word?) We may be few ... but we're mighty?!?
              I live in Kiowa, KS. which is about 1 1/2 southwest of Wichita, and REALLY close to the Oklahoma border (put your fingers together...that's how close).
              Used to live in Sublette, that's southwest Kansas, between Liberal and Garden City, moved this summer. Actually, I am just a very part time groomer. I have an OLD Aussie trailer, which had pipes that cracked every winter. When we moved here, that was the finishing touch, and I have to have them totally redone. I think I'm ready to start now, but again, it'll just be part time til this summer. Then I'm probably going full time, if I can keep the old thing going!
              It's great that there are some of you guys out there. Honestly, I didn't even know this part of PG was here til this am.

              Have a great day!
              (aka Shancey's Mom)


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                Yeah a Kansan

                Hurray Debbie nice to meet you!!! I'be been on pg since forever and I didn't want to be the first to post I just couldn't believe I was the only KS groomer!! LOL I have family that used to live in Hoxie KS. Well I used to groom in my own shop but now I groom from home while I raise my kids!! My youngest is 10 months so it is great to be able to keep my favorite clients and groom from home. So technically I groom part time now. I also own a grooming supply company that will relaunch at Groom Expo in KC. I am sure you spend a lot of time reading the mobile threads( i do too just because it fascinates me) at one time I kinda wanted to go mobile....but I love the decorating too much I would have to stay with a salon:-) So Debbie any KS specific threads you've been pondering other than complaining about the stupid weather we've been having?


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                  Hi back at ya!!!

                  It was great to hear from you! You know - out here I don't think there are a lot of groomers. There's like one in each town that's 30 miles away from me...I'm trying to figure out a solution for that...not there yet.
                  Weather wise...we seem to have become the land of no-weather! They keep saying we're supposed to get lots, and then we get MAYBE an children (excuse teenagers) have now developed a non-trusting relationship with the weatherman! : D
                  How exciting to own a grooming supply company! That HAS to be fun...has it gone well so far? Hope so! One last question...when is the Groom Expo in KC? I've been thinking about trying to go this year!


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                    I don't live there now...

                    thank goodness! lol, but I grew up in Topeka and lived all around KC, including Stilwell and Stanley, for 36 years! Gotta say, I don't miss it though. I needed mountains, ocean and a lack of tornados.


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                        tornados....Ok u got me on that one

                        petloverx LOL I don't mind the tornado threats much anymore we have an awesome storm shelter!!

                        The Groom Expo is in KC, MO here's the link
                        April 30-May 2nd 2010!! If you come as of now I am assigned to booth 202 come by and meet me!!


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                          Still searching

                          Ok soo I had tons of fun at the Groom Classic and met several people from Kansas sooo i know I'm not the only dog groomer in Kansas soo come out come out where ever you are:-)


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                            I just moved back to Kansas in January. I have to say, here I feel like all I do is shave downs! I saw your spot at the Groom Classic! You have very cute stuff!


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                              Woohoo found another one!

                              Well thanks...I had a lot of fun at the groom classic. When I started grooming I had ALOT of shave downs but after a lot of talking I got a lot of clients trained to come in every 2-4 weeks! What part of Kansas r u in?