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  • Terri's Dog Styling School =]

    Hello forum Iowans!
    March 1st I'm starting my schooling at Terri's Dog Styling School and I am super excited! I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here who attended Terri's and how you liked it, if there was anything you wish you would have learned, anything you wish you would have learned more about, if you have any tips for me, etc I'd really appreciate the input because I'd like to do my best and learn as much as I can in the 4 months that I'm there [I'm moving to Savannah, GA soon after I get done. *fingers crossed* that I can find a grooming job there xD].
    Thank you very much!


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    Me and my friend,who also works with me,both went there. Pm me with any specific questions ya have. Good Luck!


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      This place is only about twenty minutes from my home! There's this one and Teagarden in the area. I haven't heard a whole lot about Terri's..I know a couple people that have went there.