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I am in need of a groomer!

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  • I am in need of a groomer!

    I am looking for a great groomer or passionate pet stylist in the Park Ridge, IL area. To take over the grooming needs of the full coated Westie that I have had as a foster for the last few month and yes. She is light strip & card and is a doll on ...the table, she needs an educated and VERY CARING set of hands to groom her. Her new owner also has another Westie kept in a pet trim and I want someone who'll care very well for both of them if this gal needs. I am not yet sure if the new owner is aware of competition grooming, but this Westie I have had would be an EXCELLENT competition dog; her confo and size are right on and her table manners have been well honed by me; she is still re-growing furnishings & headpiece from her health issues before I got her. I really want someone who is going to love her on the table and be good to her... Can you tell this is really important to me?
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    I am opening a salon this fall in the Gurnee area. I currently do house calls and do strip/card grooms. I may be a little far for your client though. I currently do very selective house call grooming on my days off from my full time job as a vet tech. My sister has a westie, so i have come to love the breed very much.