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    Hey guys, just a request--if anyone knows of any seminars or such in the northern IL/southern WI area coming up, would they be a doll and post them here (or PM me)? I am getting really good wtih my grooming but I definetly would be interested in some scissoring tips

    Also---who here is going to All-American in August? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
    It takes place in Wheeling, which is where I live now, so I'll def be there!

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    I am going to the All American. My friend and I never miss it.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      Obviously the All American, but check out the Wisconsin Assn. of Professional Pet Stylists (WAPPS) at We get together quite a bit and will be doing a seminar on competition grooming with a standard poodle later this April.
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        I'm going to all american. I think I'm going to compete. also might start my cat certification. the hubby and I usually stay the whole weekend.


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          can someone give me some information on the all american thing? I would possibly like to attend to watch...thanks!


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            Here's the All American website.

            I'll be in a competition for the first time this year.


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              i am also going...just on friday though. my boss is wonderful and is signing me up for some class's and paying for them too!!! first time ive ever gone to a grooming show! going to be awesome!!!


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                We all gotta meet up peeps! I'll be there too!


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                  There is a meetup planned thanks to windyway! I am also open to meeting for drinks saturday or sunday night.

                  Originally posted by windywaycavaliers View Post
                  Ok- reservations have been made,,for the most part. ClaimJumper was difficult to convince as they said that is their busiest time on Friday, and apparently they have a new manager who was not as accomodating as least year for me, but they did this for us:
                  A 20 person reservation at 7PM, another 20 at 7:30, another 20 people can come in at 8:00, and 12 people at 8:30. These tables they said will be next to each other and this they said will allow people to filter in thru the night and still sit together. SO,, I will be there at 7 so save the reservation so we do not loose all 4 times slots, and everyone else who wants to come in, can do so pretty much any time between 7 & 8:30, I will be there all evening as I also have WAPPS members coming as well. The reservation is under the name:Chris Serzel- or the meet & greet will get you seated as well. I highly recommend the stuffed mushrooms!!!!!
                  I am getting so excited! Can't wait to see everyone!