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Need Bichon groomer in Chicago area

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  • Need Bichon groomer in Chicago area

    I have a client moving. She will be going to Chicago, in the Chesterfield area I believe she said. She has a somewhat largish Bichon, very good and happy boy, who does not get the "show" treatment but does have a fairly Bichon head now. (I think I did a #3 all over the body the last time, basically; he does not require a full scissor for his body.)

    Also, before this owner settles in Chicago, she must be in Long Island for perhaps a couple of months, the Centerport area.

    If anyone wants a nice Bichon client in either of those areas, please let me know. Post here, or PM me (as long as my mailbox isn't full, lol).

    Thank you.

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    I can't even tell you how much that killed me!! Lol! I'm not near those areas.. I'm 45 minutes south of the city, pretty much. I love Bichons.. It's a shame she gets a shave down on the legs.

    Best of luck to you and her!


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      Hello Debbiedogs,
      I own two bichons and I love grooming them. Chicago is a very big city, I work in the west loop. Where abouts is your client moving in the Chicago land area.
      My one bichon is a girl and she is a fairly good size bichon, and my boy is on the smaller side. I keep her in more of a show cut, but I keep my boy in a modified clip, he is more active than she is. I would love to show, or send you some pictures if you would like.