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FL. transplants to ID.

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  • FL. transplants to ID.

    Hello Idaho groomers...I need a little help for a dear friend that recently moved up to your beautiful and very chilly area from sunny and warm FL.

    She has two little short coated mixed breeds. In the last few days they have been running out to potty then limping back in, once she had to go out and carry one of them in after she limped on on one foot,then sat down. After 1-2 minutes inside near the fireplace both little girls are fine.

    Do you think this may just be adjusting to the freezing temps? She has about 3" of snow on the ground. Up until this past weekend they two dogs gladly went for walks around the block. The temp. is much colder now.

    How do little ones do with boots? My friend is planning on getting puppy pads to help the dogs if it is too severe outside. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    I'm just south of Idaho, in Utah. Same weather pretty much. Well, wait 10 minutes and it might change, lol.

    Anyway, my dogs do this. SO what I do is I leave a snow shovel out at the back patio (where they potty), and in the morning I just shovel one straight path across, it takes me 10 seconds, literally. The dogs know (well, Icon just learned, he's a california boy, lol) to stay on the path, and they do their business and run back in.

    If they are out too long, they, too limp a bit. They have boney little feet, these little dogs, and not a lot of meat or pad, so this might be the issue.

    Tammy in Utah
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      Cold, cold feet

      Most small dogs do this when a foot is quite cold, and if they get some snow up into the more sensitive area, it really bothers them!!

      So shovel, if possible, and then get them in and inspect feet to remove a snow or ice lump, then let them warm up.

      The little darlings will learn to go potty really fast OR may decide to potty in the house because they don't like going out!! oops!


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        I lived in Idaho for about two years. One of the reasons I left was the cold. My big dog slipped on the ice and hurniated a disc in her back and my little dog would NOT leave the house of her own accord. I certainly hope your friend didn't move to Sun Valley or some other subzero place like that, Boise might be okay. It isn't a place for us warm blooded people to stay too long.