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Looking for a Mobile Groomer that services Pembroke Pines, FL

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  • Looking for a Mobile Groomer that services Pembroke Pines, FL

    I'm trying to find a mobile groomer for my client friend that just moved down to Florida. Her son just got a job in Florida so she will be buying a house down there, renting now & stays about 6mo. For me she has the dogs groomed every 2wks. A toy poodle who just had knee surgery, I put her in a HCC I believe its called so she looked better after the vet's cut but lady wants it to grow back & a toy poodle mix, easy one length all over clip with teddy bear head. Sweet lady & dogs. She is on SW 199th Ave, Pembroke Pines close to the Everglades from looking at the map. I'm having a heck of a time searching on FB for mobiles with me not knowing the State lol. Would anyone know anyone that services that area?

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    Dont know an mobiles in the area but there are some very nice and very capable groomers in that area. Maybe you can check the ndgaa listings for some names for her. ( don't dismiss all get groomers since some are located there that a really good). And she's going to need a vet anyhow. PM me for a vet referral or two if you like. I'll also be happy to try and guide your friend to a nice groomer if she has any questions about the places she's interested in.


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      Yeah when she went down to NV last yr she tried a place & picked up her dogs not happy. They had chunks here & there left, it was bad. So she was afraid of taking them anywhere. So now she tries to get me find someone for her. Not always easy lol.

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