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  • Business Slow

    Is anyone experiencing drop in business all of a sudden the last couple of weeks or it just me.

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    Im in Illinois, I was just posting because a customer of mine is moving to Florida and will be needing a mobile groomer beginning in August. She will be moving to Port St Lucy. But yes, Ive been really slow. I started my mobile 3 years ago and thank God for my steady customers, because for the last 3 weeks its been bad. I hope that phone starts ringing. This sucks!


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      it comes in waves. the phone calls. I stopped taking new clients at this time though, and most of my clients rebook. A sew salon just opened 3 blocks from me. I was out of town for a few weeks so I kept pretty busy before and after. this week is kind of slow but I am booked solid the next 2. good luck to you.


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        Slow in California tooo!!!!!


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          It was slow here about 3 weeks ago. Now I am SLAMMED. The phone won't shut up and my groomer and I are working all day long, alternately of course. 3 weeks ago my groomer went a week with only 4 dogs, the past 3 weeks she's been doing 4 a day at least, and then I use the same van to groom at night. Now I am also working days, when she's off at dog shows. Tomorrow I have 6. I hate grooming more than 4 in a day LOL, spoiled that way I guess, but happy to have the business now that hubby is not working. I think sometimes the slow times hit us all at slightly different times. Part of it might be that another mobile groomer broke her leg and has to have surgery and can't work.
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            It's slow here and today my phone was not working! Not a good time to have your phone service on the blanks!


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              I agree

              I still am slow, but am still new to doing my own business. I guess it sucks on my part since there are literally 30 or so salons/mobiles (2) in this general area. Yes, I am the Only house call groomer in the area.. (at least to my knowledge) lol I do need to advertise more and all, any suggestions? I have some weeks where I am fairly busy and others were I am completely dead. Any suggestions? Yes, I have turned 1 guy down recently because he wanted to negotiate prices and I already gave him a discount.. I am starting to have grooming with-drawls.. I am hoping to work part time in a salon soon too. Anyone have any advertising suggestion for me?? I have done the fliers, and am still going to other areas, have advertising on my car, but still am at a loss! Ugh! :-( <3