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Snow in Florida?!!!!

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  • Snow in Florida?!!!!

    Argh!! I know that our cold snap is by no means cold to other parts of the country, but simply put I'm a wus. Plus, I'm currently trying to figure out how to fill my mobile's water tank since my hose for outside (drips slightly) has frozen solid.

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    Aww dont worry about the hose tonight Princess, if they do the same there that they do here, the whole town will shut down and you wont have to groom any dogs anyway. Just curl up with a good book, snuggie, and relax.


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      I live in Northern British Columbia... we usually have snow 5 months of the year. It's about 6 degrees F right now.. was - 13 F when I woke up. I'm looking forward to it warming up this weekend to 23 F.

      Personally... I don't know how you can stand the heat in the summer... hehe


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        I was on the show circuit in the Tampa area many years ago in January when they had big snowstorm; two or three inches; many people didn't have central heating in their homes; I knew several people who slept in their bathrooms because they had the heat lamps in the ceilings there.
        I drove on down and was halfway to Miami before I ran out of snow.


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          I used to live in Pa I live in casselberry fl now was raised here .....but anyhow it would have to be below freezing for hours for it to be something to worry about. it just wont be cold enough long enough


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            I just told my mom if I even see a snowflake I am NOT going to work. No offense but most floridians can't drive when its raining can you IMAGINE them on the road when there is cold white stuff. UHHUH NO THANK YOU LOL