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  • Need info about Florida grooming

    I am considering a move to Florida in the next year or so and would appreciate any information you may have to offer. I am curious about the seasons, is one slower than another? What are the desirable areas to live in for our line of work? Or should I say where are the most abundant "pet communities". I love the ocean and I love my job, I wouldn't dream of doing anything else. I am hoping to not have as much "down time" living in Florida. The winter months in Kansas City, MO are about as profitable as being laid off. It's really sad. Whatever you have to offer me is great, even if it's something you think i should know that I did not ask about!

    Thank you in advance!

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    I work at a shop in FL which is in Palm Beach County. We stay steady all year but we do get busier November to March when the northerners come down for the winter.


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      I am new to Florida

      From what others tell me, the winter season is not as bad as where it is really cold, so that's a good thing here.

      I think if you are near a beach area you will have more snowbirds in the winter than other areas.

      And that's all I know so far, having been here only about 6 months. Oh - plus winter is GREAT here!!


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        Funny You Should Say....

        I have not been on in quite a while and was scanning the posts...came across this one about FL....have a comment for previous post ......stay warm this week The positive side to our freezing cold week is that it should definitely help the flea/tick problem.


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          I really do appreciate the input!! I can't wait to get out of KC, it's -8 degrees with the windchill right now!


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            We live in Florida. The high today will reach a balmy 34 degrees. Tonight's low will be around 18 degrees.

            So much for Florida being a warm state. But we live in the non-tropical part, so close to Alabama you can see it from here.
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              I know of several groomers in FL looking for work, so unless you plan on looking for a while, be prepared. NOW GA on the other hand has a shortage of groomers all over from what I can tell. Everyone i know is hiring, or would hire, if we could find someone.

              Try to network before you move to see what is open in your area of choice. Remember, GA is not that far away! And even though it is cold, my roses are still blooming! LOL Doubted they would be this morning, after the sub 20 we had last night, and they were frozen stiff, but they are still smiling at me as I type this. We will see in the morning when its 17 or lower.....
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                fl groom

                hello i am in the tampa area. if you do move here, get in touch with people. at least you wont be alone. any populated place will be busy. everyone has animals!


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                  Florida is so different depending on the part you live in! I lived in S. Florida and now I live in N. Florida (Jacksonville) and they are completely different. We have had a very cold winter, but that isn't common. The summers here are much more bearable than the ones I experienced in Ft Lauderdale (much more balmy down South)...

                  As for who is hiring... I peruse the job searches on this board and note that no one seems to be hiring here (except for in St Augustine, about 45 minutes away, a beautiful historical city) and that a lot of people seem to be hiring in Orlando and S. Florida (Boca, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm).

                  Even within cities there are different types of citizens... About 10 miles from here is a very upscale portion of the city where a spa-type grooming location thrives...but other areas are borderline "ghetto", but have grooming shops.... The people there are looking for the best $$ and not necessarily the best grooms... So even within a city there are variances.


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                    I've been doing great in Florida over the past year. I'm from Indiana, where the "slow" season was Jan - March. Here that's the busy time. Slow is June - Aug. I'm getting more money per groom here too. Another difference between Florida and Indiana anyway is that people where I am want nicer cuts. I'm doing a lot more hand scissoring while in Indiana nearly everyone wanted clipper cuts - often #5 AO or shorter.