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  • Cape Coral Florida groomers

    I am thinking about moving to the Cape Coral area next year(2022) and was wondering about the job market there? I’ve been grooming for over 14 yrs so experience isn’t going to be an issue and I have all my own equipment, table, dryer, SS tub,etc. i have about a million questions so we’ll just start slow for now, lol.

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    I hear there are more groomers in FL than anywhere else, but from what I see even here in the help ads is dozens and dozens of job openings. I especially hear that mobile jobs are easily available.


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      I think you will have no problem finding demand. I am not expert but FL has lots of pets.


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        I’m sure Cape Coral is wonderful. I’m east and central florida native. Business wise you won’t find friendlier state. Grooming is always firm here. You just got to want to do the work when that phone rings. Because if you don’t grab the business when it calls, yes there are LOTS of other groomers who will do the animal.


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          Did you go to Cape Coral?