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Are there NO groomers in Washington, D.C. ??

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  • Are there NO groomers in Washington, D.C. ??

    Looking for a groomer in Washington D.C. in the Foggy Bottom area. Anyone here? My son's girlfriend will be studying there for two years and has a yorkie that is usually a full-coat bath & brush groom with an occasional light trim. The dog is perfect and very maintained, tangle free. Any help is appreciated as they are new to the area.

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    In my prior career, I used to work in the Foggy Bottom area. To my knowledge there re no groom shops in that area and I doubt seriously there would be a mobile groomer willing to service that area (parking is a problem). They will probably need to take their dog to a groomer in the suburbs.


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      Agreeing w/ PoodlePal. Not only is parking a nightmare, but just navigating the traffic is a challenge on a GOOD day. Loads of folks just commute via the Metro system.
      It's a GREAT and comparatively inexpensive workout on our Metro, when the escalators are busted (which is often), climbing up from the center of the Earth to the daylight again.
      Builds thigh and calf muscle like nobody's business!

      (I can't begin to imagine what the cost per sq foot to lease a shop would be.)
      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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        Has she tried a Google search?

        I did and quite a few came up. I don't know the address where she will be, but she could put that in and see what comes up. If I remember correctly, small pets is kennels can ride on Metro, so she could probably take the Metro if there is nobody in her neighbourhood. Of course, it's been many years since I lived in that area, so I could be totally off. I do remember the escalators breaking down a lot, though! Good workout! :-P


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          Wag time on 9th street NW.
          Chichies P street NW
          Dogshop on Wisconsin BLVD may or may not have grooming right now but they are near the foggy bottom area.
          Furgetmenot Florida Ave
          Petco in NW

          Petco has pay parking and again good luck getting parking at any hour. The others.... Good luck getting a parking space or something that looks anything like a spot.


          4-5 shops in the SE, NE section which I personally wouldn't really go to those parts.

          My advice is head to the dozens and dozens of shops surrounding DC. Some areas you'll still need to get into a parking garage or a pay lot.


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            Dogs are not allowed on the metro system. No buses or the trains. Some cabs won't even take them.


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              Many thanks for the replies. Now we have some ideas to go on, as I'm sure she won't mind driving out a ways.