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  • Coventry

    Hi there,
    I'm Lorie from Coventry. I have a home shop my husband built for me , but I only groom part time. i have a full time job that has good Ins. i can't give up just yet..

    I went to CT k-9 education center in Ngtn. about 5 years ago. Newington is my home town, I never knew the school was there, so I went to hairdressing school instead 30 years ago. I like grooming dogs MUCH better!

    I have two poos, a toy and a st. Both currently pink. I love the coloring side of grooming and I really love my two smart girls!

    Hope to meet some groomers in my area!

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    Hi Lorie ,my name is Tammy and i live in a land called Honah Lee......lolol,nice to see you here


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      Hi Lorie, nice to see you here. How about some pic's of Mingo (oops I mean your pink poodle!


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        hi lorie
        mary from danbury.
        might you be interested in the Ct groomers association or connga. we are trying to get it off the ground, but erin, felicia and i are spread too thin as it is. we need some help.
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          What state?

          Are you talking about Coventry RI??? I live in RI.


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            didnt realize until it was too late that it was under Conn groomertalk.... i usually just look at the new posts tab, sry...


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              I know you Tammy from Honah Lee ,LOL!

              String, I can't figure out how to post pics here...Anyway, Mingo has been happy to let Natalie do most of the posing, Mingo hates to be groomed, Nat loves it, so I guess Mingo is semi retired except for maintenance and color..It's so much easier to work on a dog who can't wait to get on the table, hey?

              workingchihuahua, I would be interested in helping! Please send details, here is my e-mail. (edited, no personal email on board please, use PM).

              Topdog, I had a friend who moved from Coventry, CT to Coventry, RI, haha, I know where you are! You are not that far. Will you attend NEPGP next month?


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                Hi Lori, I went to Ct K-9 too. Only it was 10 years ago Im originally from Colchester, I live in Woodbridge now and groom in Trumbull.