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  • Moving to CO

    Hi Guys! My fiance and I live in NY but are hoping to soon move to CO. We much prefer the outdoors adventure that CO provides and as far as we've seen the people are so much friendlier and genuine there. Anyways- we're both mobile groomers and we plan to move there and start our own company. Any advice on the area? Is it a difficult area for the mobile industry? Is there already too much competition? (Always enough dogs for everyone is my belief). We are also attracted to the lower cost of living there. Of course that means we will be charging less but have you guys found it possible to make a decent living on dog grooming in CO? Thanks so much- any thoughts are very appreciated.

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    What part of Colorado do you want to move to?


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      Thinking Castle Rock


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        Cool I have a friend who grew up there! Dont know enough about that area o help you hough, sorry :/


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          However i did a google search cadtle ock mobile grooming and there are two already so that seems to indicate that there is some demand for mobile grooming...


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            My "younger cooler" friends love the "energy" of Boulder, big time. Very pet friendly, and some like Colorado Springs.