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Dire Wolf Project is coming to town!!

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  • Dire Wolf Project is coming to town!!

    ASLAN the "Prince of the American Alsatians", will be making a PERSONAL APPEARANCE at Ritzy Rover In Highlands Colorado. Saturday November 17th.
    Come meet the President of the Dire Wolf Project and learn about this unique Strongbred(tm) dog.

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    I didn't know that they called them "Alsatians" anymore(?). I thought that they were all called "German Shepherds"


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      They call them Alsatians in some parts of Europe. The "American Alsatians" are different then the German Shepherds currently in the breed books. They have a whole mix of breeds to get a specific look and are bred solely as companion dogs.


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        Didn't know that. We used to have Alsatians in the UK, and they were different to GS, but they just got referred to as GS.
        Thanks SetterGirl.


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          "Alsatians" was just another name for the German Shepherd Dog. They are/were one and the same.

          The Brits started calling GSDs that after WWI because there was such a huge amount of ill feeling towards anything German.

          While that might sound strange to us today you have to keep in mind that during WWI there were too many incidents of dog owners walking their Dachshunds down the streets and having a flash mob form around them with clubs, the result being the beating to death of their little "Kaiser dog". It was open season on anything associated with the "Huns".

          So, in the U.K. at least, the GSD was renamed for a half-century or so. It was actually called several different names before "Alsatian" was hit upon as a likely moniker. And it stuck.

          And for a number of years the same breed was simply referred to as the "Shepherd Dog" here in the States. No "German" reference at all.


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            Originally posted by AmAlLover View Post
            the Dire Wolf Project and learn about this unique Strongbred(tm) dog.
            Dire Wolves have been extinct for 10,000 years.

            All these so-called "Dire Wolves" amount to is a ShepXMalamuteXMastiff cross and look it.


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              Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
              Dire Wolves have been extinct for 10,000 years.

              All these so-called "Dire Wolves" amount to is a ShepXMalamuteXMastiff cross and look it.
              That's what "American Alsatians" are. The Dire Wolf project aims to replicate this wolf in companion dog form. Another "designer" breed...


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                I would assume that's why they call it a "Dire wolf project" and not a "dire wolf breed". Or so I would hope.

                I've said for a few years that a experienced breeder should breed a dog that looks just like a real wolf, WITHOUT using any wolf blood at all. That way, people who want a wolf but intend to treat it like a dog could have a "faux wolf" that's perfectly safe to own, doesn't require a exotic license or caging and behaves like a regular dog(because it would be a regular dog).

                But it would take a fairly good sized kennel and a lot of generations to make it happen. None of the "dire wolf" pictures I saw seem to look very "wolfy" to me at all. I only saw a couple pictures though. A genetics project intended to create a new breed would take many dogs.


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                  OMG! We had much fun!! We met up with other AmAl's at the Denver Museum of Nature and science.
                  I tried so hard to put the pictures up but I haven't figured it out yet. At one point I had distanced myself from the meet-up to have a smoke. I overheard some people as they approached the museum sa "Hey! Are those dogs?" "I don't know? I think so...?" "WOW! Those ARE dogs! They look like wolves huh?"
                  Made my day I tell you what.

                  Cause I just LOVE to talk about it - I'll send a few comments to reply - not being snotty - just like talkin about it.
                  The name Alsatian - This Strongbred (tm) - different than pure bred - breed was origginally called Alsatian Shepalute. Because at one point they were a "designer breed". Hand picked for temperament and health, GSD's and Malamutes, and one Mastiff. THEN - the Anatolian Shepherd was added. So they could no longer be called SHEP-A-LUTES. The debate raged for almost a year what to name them. The founders appaerently through their hands up in the air and said OK - ALSATIAN - made in America - American Alsatian. The public grabbed it and ran with it. Before we knew it our dogs were being called American Alsatians, and we said "Cool! Its got a nice ring to it."
                  American Alsatian is trademarked, registered, and patent pending. I'll explain more about that later if you want.
                  Here is a list of other purebreeds that went into the American Alsatian - Anatolian (I mentioned that. Great Pyrenese, Another Mastiff, Akita, Labrador/malamute cross, and right noe we're outcrossing with an old world Malamute. Next after the Mal crosses have dispersed and temperament set again, we will add an Irish Wolfhound. Her name is Awhna and she the GOOFIEST thing. ALL of these dogs were hand picked for temperament and health.

                  The reasoning behind the wolf "looks" on the outside is not really our main concer. We chose to have this breed emulate the DIRE wolf (vs. the grey or Indian Maned Wolf) is for health and soundness in body structure. We don't want any malformations or genetic anomilies that exagerate the canine body. Solid bones, straight backs, head carriage down, short tails, erect ears. Large rib cage to hold a heart that can push all that mass.
                  the second reason is making a domestic animal "look" wild is a very tricky thing.
                  Beleive it or not, the more mellow and less prey drive a dog has in the temperment, the ears will want to drop. Has to do with the endocrine system and melanin production. There has been, especially recently, evidence that the Dire Wolf did not go extinct at all, but was 1. Over taken by the more wiley gray wolf 2. Was actually one of the first domesticated "dogs" - even evidence they were tethered near established rendering sights.- and well, thats just nifty. But mostly it has to do with health and longevity.

                  And yes - it will be hard to do. We are NOT expecting to acheive the total package of temperament health and look exactly like a Dire Wolf in our life time. To date, the American Alsatian registry has more than 800 dogs in it. there is now an F-21 litter in existance - meaning there's a line that has been running for 21 generations.
                  The main kennel is in White City Oregon, Schwarz Kennels its called. The second is in Durango Colorado. Vallecito Alsatians. There are 3 breeding pairs coming up, one in California, 1 in Illinois and 1 in Pennsylvania? Might be wrong on that one.

                  And YES they are a "designer" breed. We are "designing" these dogs to have temperaments "hard wired" for Therapy work with Autistic Children and Mentally & emtionally challenged adults