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Does CO have FLEAS NOW?

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  • Does CO have FLEAS NOW?

    One of the reasons I chose to move here - Colorado - from upstate NY in 1989 - was that Colorado had NO FLEAS. Very few mosquitoes, but especially because there were NO fleas here!
    Last year we ordered 2 gallons of flea shampoo, and went through ALL of our BIO SPOT treatments. Where are they coming from!!
    And I was also introduced to LICE.
    So, I'm pretty sure that we are fanatics about cleaning the shop - I don't think they're coming from US.
    I REALLY REALLY hope someone else from Colorado will tell me they've seen an increase in parasites lately?
    As in the past year. We're pretty much done with Flea dogs now that its cold, ...

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    Why would CO not have fleas?? I'm sure it does.

    I lived in Canada, so you can't say the cold creates a place that does not have fleas - fleas still flourish in the warmer weather, and live and multiply indoors (if not checked) in the cold weather.

    Cats, squirrels, rabbits and birds have fleas, too, so I'm sure Colorado is not flea-free.

    My best way to keep fleas in control is Capstar, plus refusing to do dogs that come in flea-ridden. I Capstar them the first time, but after that the owner is told how to keep up - or go somewhere else.


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      I think it depends on your weather. We have all had unusual weather. Being from central Alberta, Canada where I usually don't see more than 5 fleas a year if any, but in Vancouver bc, they see lots cause its warmer and damp, yet there was more fleas this fall cause it was warm.


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        Hi - I am in Broomfield Colorado and yep I have seen fleas this year as well as lice. The lice are easy to get rid of but those dang fleas!!!


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          I am in Southeastern Colorado and I do believe we probably have fewer flea problems than anywhere else! I can go 2 - 3 years without running into lice and normally see no more than four or five dogs a year with fleas. The flea cases are almost always exclusively in August. Our summers are long, hot, and quite dry as this is more of a desert environment. Fleas do not flourish in dry areas. We frequently also have long stretches of zero degree weather through the winter and a good deal of snow which further hampers flea populations. I bought a gallon of flea and tick shampoo 6 years ago and it is not yet half empty! If I see fleas on dogs in the winter, I know the owners have a serious INDOOR problem!


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            Weather in las Vegas fluctuates. We dont have fleas, ticks, or lice, unless your up in the mountains or at the lake. I'll go years without seeing a single client that has fleas.


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              Originally posted by SilverStarWing View Post
              Weather in las Vegas fluctuates. We dont have fleas, ticks, or lice, unless your up in the mountains or at the lake. I'll go years without seeing a single client that has fleas.
              Isn't it great!!!! I only see fleas on dogs that bring them back from traveling.
              If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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                I was told MOST of Colorado is inhospitable to fleas because of 1 - altitude, not enough oxygen 2 - very dry.
                The travelers were brought up, more Coloradoans traveling by car with their dogs, and an increase in humidity.
                I suppose that could cause some - but to see the increase in fleas be so dramatic - i have to wonder


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                  What does that say bout rumors

                  Regard less of where you live except on the north or south pole you will have fleas.
                  Yes the snow makes them go away fur awhile but guess what when the place heats up "FLEAS".
                  Its a part of nature.
                  Here in the south the we have a old saying to any yankees "Its gods curse for being in the south."

                  A natural repellant fur the critters is brewer yeast & garlic.

                  Hope this helps with the place that suppose to have no fleas.

                  Just a thought


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                    OK OK, so maybe not 0% fleas, but really, really honest and for true, up until last year I saw maybe 2 flea dogs per year - and they usually brought them from Kansas. Up until last year, our flea shampoo bottle was WAAYYY in the back of the shelf. I live above 6,000 feet, and all 3 of my dogs, who run around in the feilds and woods have never gotten any fleas. Until last year. Ticks yes, occasionally, but no, no fleas.

                    I even had a lady come and demand her money for the flea treatment because her vet said it was impossible, we don't have fleas here.
                    Now we tape the dead insect to the card as proof. Glad we did, cause one more person accused us of lying and doing unneccessary procedures on the dog to up her bill. Whatever....

                    You know like in the south, how when it snows, every one freaks out, and "chicken little's"?
                    Thats how we are with fleas. All runnin around in a panic not entirely sure what to do. Must be pretty funny to watch.


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                      Nah, didn't you know they explode because of our altitude?


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                        Well Pearl, Now time to move to Vegas!!
                        Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.- Richard Carlson