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Need a groomer in Colorado Springs.

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  • Need a groomer in Colorado Springs.

    I just put up a thread about a Yorkie I'm fostering. He's gonna be living with my mom in Colorado Springs. It's been to long since I've lived there and since I've even really been on here... He wont be out there till probably March. I'll be shaving him before she takes him back. He's a very simple shave down but for some reason no groomer can ever grasp the fact that my mom likes her dogs shaved completely bald.

    He was a brat for the first shave down but I fixed the bad groom job I did and he was good for it. Doesn't mean he will be again.

    I used a #4 reverse on his body and face and #4 with the growth on his head... Then of course thinning shears to make him even out. The perfect cut on how my mom likes her dogs to look.

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    Becky, your real mom or your stepmom? What you've told me about your step mom scares me.

    Tammy in Utah
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      I am touch with groomers in Colorado Springs so could offer referrals if need be. I will double check to make sure they are taking new dogs. PM me with any new info as you receive it.