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Summer Seminar postponed

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  • Summer Seminar postponed

    I am sure you all understand, I need to get well first. I truly want to do this, and I still have Barbara Bird on board with the idea, we just need to wait. Once I am better, I can focus on putting an event together that will be a blast!
    We may be looking at January/ February now. I will keep you all posted- I know many of you have offered help, maybe we will have a brainstorming session.

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    I'm hoping you get well

    but kind of glad for the postponement. I will hope that it will not be an important dog show week-end. I'm praying you get the solutions needed.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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      I'm actually slightly relieved too! My husband just lost his job so we have no expendale income right now. I was super bummed thinking about missing it.

      I hope you get better soon! Thanks for the update!
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        Is this still happening?

        I have only been grooming a year.. and would love to attend this if I could afford to.. I still have SO much to learn...


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          I don't know. I have had so much going on lately between my health, my marriage, my home, my dog and my dad's health that this really got put on the back burner. Provided I have not gone off the deep end and am not in a padded room in a hospital, I am thinking May might be a better time for this. There are no major shows in May, which leaves speakers open for travel. Tell me more of what you want to hear- and what types of dogs you would bring for a workshop.