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    Hi Everyone!

    I am needing to hire a groomer for my new business and want to have feedback on how much to compensate the person. I want to pay hourly plus commission for each groomer, but do not know how much to pay hourly and how commission % to give out. I want to make a profit and also be profitable for the groomer as well. I have read conflicting information on the web to how much a groomer should make; I don't know if people are being over zealous with how mch they want to make versus the market rate for groomers in Southern California - I am 1 hour east from LA, in the Inland Empire.

    Please help me out! I want to be fair and generous, but if I don't make a profit, both the groomer and I will be unemployed. But, I will be worst off since I owe the business loans!

    How much does a groomer make as an average salary, say grooming 8 dogs a day?

    Thank you!

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    Most groomers are paid 50%. If I were paying a groomer that's what I would give them if they were just able to groom and I took care of the phone and bringing in the dogs. If my groomer was depended on to do the extras I believe they should get at least 60% or you could do 50% + salary. I think you need to assess your business and see what you can afford to do. There are many different ways of paying a groomer. I think I would start w/the 50%, see how your groomer works out for you as far as reliability, how they are w/the pets and clients, honesty, etc..etc..and of course quality of work. If they are someone that fits in well with you and your shop then by all means raise the incentive for them to stay with you.......remember good all around groomers ARE hard to find
    Good Luck


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      You need to read "From Problems to Profit" before you hire anyone. It not only helps you know what you really need, it helps you figure out how to pay them.


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        I used to work for $7 an hour plus 30% commission and loved being paid that way.
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