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How's the recession treating you?

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  • How's the recession treating you?

    Just wondering if any are feeling the effects of the downturn in the economy. Are folks stretching out the time between grooms, etc? I'm curious too if there is a difference between the economy in NoCal vs. SoCal. I'm in the Palm Springs area, just opened and it's been slow but I attribute that to the newness.

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    I would think anyone in Palm Springs would not worry about money. Aren't many there in second homes? I just always thought everyone was rich stars and such.

    My clients may not all be rich, but my business is so much better than last year actually. I am also booking more in the future than I used to. I love seeing days already scheduled so I know where and what I am doing. You can never count your grooms before you do them, as some do cancel or reschedule, but my income has gone up and I was able to save a lot just in time for my dogs' high medical specialist expenses. I hope it continues. Many here do leave in April for their summer home where it isn't so HOT. Oh, and a few tip $15, or $20. I love that.


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      Well, I don't quite understand this yet. I feel like I am just as busy if not more, I raised my prices, and yet my income is the same as last year for the first three months.
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        recession effects

        well, I must say, we did have a bit of a lean Jan/ least for our newest stylist....he had to take a couple vacation days....but, the other groomer and I were steady, not booked ahead, but steady.....then in Mid March we began to book ahead and now are two weeks out already and hiring a fourth groomer to cover the three days during the week that each of us are off. Over all I believe our industry is holding true to what it has in the past, that we seem to be fairly recession resistant. I am just very thankful to be in such a steadfast industry while others in other fields have had so much loss in thier lives. I am truly Grateful.


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          being in Manhattan I have to say that there a few industries that took a hit- fashion and publishing were hardest hit so they have stretched out but finance has been going strong so are the medical, legal, education and entertainment sections. Where I slowed down in the first part the others have more than made up for the those. On the whole I am as busy if not busier booked 4-8 weeks ahead with Feb and August being my slowest months which I am grateful for so I get some time off myself! New clients coming in all get a price increase and will have all clients increased by the end 2010.


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            The salon I had been working in took quite a hit financially, but I also think that had A LOT to do with bad business handling since I was still head over heels busy and so were the other groomers. (We went from 3 receptionists, 3 bathers, and 7 groomers-who make the money-to 6 receptionists, 6 bathers, and 4 groomers. And the two principle groomers who owned the shop only work 3 days a week. They are still wondering why an otherwise busy shop that is booked out weeks in advance is making no money. Whatevs.)

            I started a new salon with my boss in November and business has grown quite steadily. At this point I am a week booked out and am looking at hiring a bather in 2 weeks-ish. So I think the business is there as long as you know what to do with it.
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              I talked to a groomer from Palm Springs, she said that winter is busiest and summer very slow


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                Hard to say if the recession has hit me because I am recently mobile & every month I have double the income of the previous month. No telling if the recession made the business grown slower than it would have.
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                  I'm not sure what it is, but we have been really slow.. Prior to me becoming a groomer we were booked 6 weeks in advanced for one groomer.. but now that thiers 2 of us... I only get about 2 dogs a day..

                  I know a client ( of the other groomers of course) recently told her to do her dog extra short because she was on her way to the unemployment office and didnt know when she was gonna be able to get it in again..


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                    I'm mobile and I'm busier than ever these days. I've heard that San Diego is not feeling the effects of the economy like other areas due to the military presence here.