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    I am trying to find a groomer for an Old English Sheepdog.

    I was her groomer as a puppy, here in Vegas. She was awesome. Today her owners brought her back to me while they were in town. I had to strip her. She was PELTED underneath, she was top brushed, but solid pelt underneath. Funny thing is all her sani areas were done. The get her groomed monthly, whoever has been doing her has been bathing, cage drying, and top brushing her.

    She is a very good girl, they are good customers just hoping to find a lifetime groomer for thier baby.

    Pleaase if you can help let me know. She is on the very small side, and is very good. They don't care too much about the price, just hoping to find her a groomer friend.

    I took her DOWN with a 10 she will be coming back to me next month when they are back here in Vegas, after that she needs someone willing to take her on for monthly bath, and trims

    THANX in Advance
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    im only responding b/c no one esle did. I am def. not in the sherman oaks area (i work in fillmore). but the place i work for does do transportation (we do boarding as well). i know what you are saying about the top coat not being brushed. i do quite a few dogs that i only do when they are boarded here, and the owners are shocked when i tell them the condition their dogs were in- "but she gets groomed regularly!". most shops out here do not do a great job, and do not hand dry.

    so since you didnt get any other recommendations on here, i figured id help you out. if you want the info on where i work to pass it on, or more questions for me, just pm me.


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      I work at a shop in Silverlake, not too far from Sherman Oaks. Well far enough I guess if you consider that there are grooming shops splattered all over the San Fernando Valley, but definitely worth the drive (approx. 20 min. w/out a lot of traffic). The name is catts and doggs. We are open for grooming 7 days a week, and if I do say so myself , we're pretty darn good. I personally am only there Thurs. and Sats. but I highly recommend any of the groomers there. We are all professionals, love our clients ( both 4 legs or 2) and do our best to make it a good experience for both, usually having most pets in and out as quickly as possible.


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        Silverlake might be an option

        I groom Housecall in the San Fernando Valley, including the Sherman Oaks area. I'm not getting if they keep it full coated, and if they do a Sheepdog must be brushed in between baths to be manageable or cut down periodically. My client list is full, but if they really are in need we could talk. The Plush Pup, Housecall Grooming. I have sadly lost two not so regular clients this month due to their death, but one will likely get another dog soon.
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