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Lake Havasu, AZ area groomers!!!

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  • Lake Havasu, AZ area groomers!!!

    I have a great client moving to Lake Havasu, AZ and they have two dogs. In need of a special- PATIENT groomer for both of them. Peanut is a sweetheart. Bella has several allergy/nerve ending issues that cause pain to be touched. Owners have basically taken out a second mortgage to help this poor girl. She is a sweetie but does require patience as her groom can be a jump around of doing half her face to a leg to back to her face. Both will love you and lick you to pieces. Wonderful owners. They are hoping AZ and a gravel yard with no grass will help Bella. (One of the major allergies-grass) please let me know if you are interested and we can talk more. I am just as protective over these dogs as the owners on who will not loose their calm on a bad day with Bella. Owners know sometimes everything just can't get done. Like I said NEITHER BITE AND ARE LOVERS. But due to Bella's skin/nerve ending issues she requires a special person.

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