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Sunny San Diegan moving to Phoenix area

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  • Sunny San Diegan moving to Phoenix area

    Hey there! My S.I and I plan on moving to AZ in spring of next year after I deliver the little bun I got cooking in the oven. In San Diego, grooming barely affords you a middle income lifestyle. What I'm wondering, without you having to disclose your salary, if it provides a more liveable income, which is the main reason were looking to leave SD. I'm not sure where around Phoenix we will end up yet but I'm guessing grooming costs are about average throughout the city and its 'burbs. By the time we move I will have 2 & 1/2 years grooming experience and 1 year bather brusher experience. I haven't yet decided if I will stay with a private groom shop or if I will go corporate ( the benefits are tempting to help with my budding family), is there much discrepancy between the two out there? Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thanks much! - Fuzzbuttz

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    This just peaked my interest because we live in a very low income area. I looked these figures up. Looks like San Diego is a more affluent area than Phoenix.


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      I believe Phoenix will be much less expensive than San Diego. California is a tough nut to crack. Beautiful state, just got to be ready to pay or it. I would assume energy and food costs alone will be 15 percent or more affordable. What I remember of Phoenix it is a wonderful place to live. Good luck! San Diego sure is a beautiful town too though!