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  • Moving to Az

    Moving to Glendale Az anyone need a groomer with 38 years experience. I prefer togeoom small dogs and cats. Il like dogs under 40lbs. Want to move sometime between Sept. 2010 and Jan. 2011. If anyone is interested pm me privatley.

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    Did you make it here?

    Hi, just wondering if you are living on the west side. I have a groom shop in Goodyear and would be very interested in talking with you.


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      Looking for good, gentle groomer in Scottsdale

      One of our very favorite clients is moving to AZ

      She is looking for a great groomer to groom her absolutely wonderful golden/Pyr rescue. "Honey" is older (not quite sure how old), and she prefers a lion cut on her. Because of coat issues (she had lousy nutrition most of her life until rescued), the owner likes her trimmed with a #5 - head and tail longer, front leg furnishings longer. She's a sweetheart and very good for grooming, but needs to have her back end supported or she constantly sits.

      Please PM me so I can give the owner a name and number.