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New mobile opening in AZ has questions

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  • New mobile opening in AZ has questions

    We are going to open our new mobile grooming salon very soon and im searching for some people to talk with and hopefully answer some of the many questions we may have. I owned a mobile spa back in Ohio when i lived there and basically bought it and opened but it just doesn't seem to be the case here. We went a much less expensive route but decided to do a logo, professional website and a wrap for our trailer and after ordering the trailer and setting this all in motion realized there are "rules" to abide by in its been a fun few months just trying to get our trailer and now get some things "up to par" with Maricopa.

    The only thing we need now is our wrap put on which ended up taking about 3 weeks longer than expected and we may need to fix our grey water drain. Does anyone know anything about the standards mobiles need to meet for the grey water. I used to have a wagntails elite which came with a rv type drain and in Ohio you just drained to the street or your yard or whatever....we personally did it at the barn we stored at. Here i need to dump in a rv dump and was told my Maricopa i need a letter signed by a rv dump facility to pass inspection but at this point im not sure if they actually expect a rv type adaptor to be on my trailer that i can hook up a actual rv hose to or just a hose hooked up to whatever drain i have to get the water from the trailer to the dump.

    I have a gryphon trailer and he has the drain hose come out and a valve etc inside the back of the trailer and it basically goes out a hold in the floor with a reinforced hose that is around 1 and 3/4 inches. I need to know before i go for inspection if i need to actually get this converted to a rv style, or as long as i can provide some sort of hose like a sump pump hose etc or whatever we can fit onto that drain then that would be fine.

    The first time we submitted to them it declined because our drawing that Joe from gryphon made wasn't "legible" and this time we passed with stipulations so this is our only thing we need to figure out.

    The other thing is im looking for mobiles that have a gryphon trailer out here. I have specific questions about the trailer and operation out here and he says he has sold trailers here....although iv never actually gotten a name or number of anyone so i really don't know if there are for sure or not. Thanks

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    Well I don't have a Gryphon, I have a Hanvey but here is what we do: There is simply a release valve at the bottom of our gray tank. I have a hose that runs from that. I park my trailer in an RV Storage Facility and they have a dump station for gray water and waste. I simply back up to the dump site and let the hose down and open the valve. The water runs into a concrete slab that has sides to keep from spillage and down it goes into the drain in the middle. That's it, nothing fancy. I did get a letter from the facility when I first moved here 4 years ago. The other option is if you keep your trailer at home, have a plumber create a little dump site at your home to flow into wherever your laundry water goes.


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      We actually had to have something made for us through an RV dealer. If you are near me you can stop by and check it out. I passed inspection with no problems/issues. I am in Mesa..


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        I have the valve and out the bottom of my trailer the hose that runs from the grey tank sticks out....only like 2 inches maybe so we could just let it go or hook another hose to it. I know this sounds a bit rigged but we just tried a few of our extra creepy crawly segments from our pool on it and it worked that way we can stick it down that drain hole and not get it trouble. We store at a rv storage and the owners are kinda well ya know so far our stupid insurance..gibson gov had our address as thiers since we store it there and we told them multiple times we don't live there change address. They didn't and the storage manager got the mail and supposedly left a "nasty message' so she says and yelled at me when i was there thats she isn't my person secretary! chill out woman it was a fricken mistake. She reaks of smoke and has the worst raspy voice haha i hate storage units wish we could just keep it at our house.

        How do you like your hanvey! we have had multiple issues with our trailer and i would love to go back 6 months and have just got a used wagntails from dennis at wnt i loved my elite so much and although we couldn't afford those crazy payments while we were working on moving here and actually moving here i sometimes wish we would have figured something out and brought her with us .


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          we are in Surprise so far away have pics? i you can email me and i can send you a pic of what we have. We did talk to orangewood rv and its about 150 - 200 to fix it and we were trying to avoid the cost if possible and i wasn't sure how picky Maricopa county is going to be. i just hate to haul this thing there for nothing


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            also when you say you had to have something made do you mean they told you what you had wouldn't work or from what you read on the "rules" you thought you needed it. From what i read it seems like we need to convert it but these rules are insane and so far they haven't completly held to the the "rules" they made. We turned in a schematic that they approved the second time but it was not exactly how they asked for it on the sheet. I just can't see people who make these vehicles for them selves or buy older ones meet all these rediculous rules. I think Joe at gryphon wanted to kill me but im not spending the money to have it sitting in storage because i can't use it. Just a water tank issue alone was a huge pita, so it limited us from buying most used vehicles. We looked at some wagntails by owners and decided unless they were located close to granger or unless it was from dennis himself it wasn't worth it since we need the tanks modified etc. Our graphics were a huge week long issue because we had a logo created for us and to get our full registered name we had to make our logo enormous which didn't fit on the back of the trailer. So our options were to not use our logo on the back or to change it. In the end Cesar at Maricopa says only our main name and not mobile pet spa llc needs to be 3 inches so if it does need to be i honestly think i may go postal im on the verge of a breakdown already. You call them and it takes forever for a return call...or never and then they can't even give you a straight answer. The day we went there to hand in our schematic and money we waited for 40 min after they opened for them to get there from a "meeting". Obviously we are at thier mercy so they don't really care but in the end we are the ones losing money by not opening on time. I have had the trailer sitting here for about a month, we did our dogs and snuck in a couple others but got a little paranoid and refused to do anymore.