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Fundraiser in Scottsdale

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  • Fundraiser in Scottsdale

    Hello fellow groomers! This thread is primarily aimed at mobile groomers, due to the nature of the event...but if other groomers want to team up or have creative ideas, have at it!

    On Sunday April 25th there will be a fundraiser in Scottsdale from 11am - 3pm. We are asking if any mobile groomers would like to volunteer for the dog wash. Groomers will have the benefit as being seen by the community as a charitable business, and of course you will be doing a very good deed. It will be an opportunity to hand out your business cards, etc. It will mainly be basic grooming: bath, blow dry, nail trims, etc. in exchange for donations for the fundraiser. If anyone is interested, please pm me for details, such as location, set up time, etc.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Can you send me the info for this? I may be able to go and help out. Thanks Mindi


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      I don't have my mobile...yet...(but soon). If you have a space for me, I can help.



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        please keep us updated on how this works. I had a mobile before back in Ohio and we volunteered and just groomed some scraggly looking dogs for free to help them get adopted. I think it was a great thing and wish we would have done it again but never made the time and my business parter and i both want to do that as soon as we open. We do not have a animal shelter in our "service area" but there is one in glendale and its not too far away and we have already spoke with them about this. I never thought of a fund raiser though and i think thats a wonderful idea.