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moving to az..maybe.............

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  • moving to az..maybe.............

    well being 4 months pregnant and need of a life change...husband and i might move back to az......his parents are in mesa so we need to be close to them for free babysitting......I would move to fountain hills..........and then would LOVE to relocate after kid is in school to tuscon anyone tell me how mobile groom prices are in az?

    this is a big stretch of a desicion and we are totally not sure yet WHAT we are going to do.......

    MY parents are in SC and do not want to relocate there.



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    I am in Scottsdale/Phx. I actually have decided to charge by the hour. I too was pregnant right after I started my business so building took a bit longer. I got my van Sept 07 and had my son Aug 08. But I am doing better now. I travel pretty far so I only groom 4-6 dogs a day. I average about 20 dogs a week and I don't work weekends.. I have a 3 year old and 18mth old and don't want to miss being with them. So for now, this works for me until they are in school..then I will probably do more dogs. I don't want to do more than 20-25 dogs a week. And I am booked 2 weeks out. You're prices are probably higher on the east coast than here. I should have PM'd you to discuss prices. lol I have found I am higher on some breeds than other groomers and lower on some breeds than others. I'm hoping my new hourly rate schedule doesn't kill my business, but I am tired of working twice as long on a dog and only making $10 more than a small dog that takes an hr.

    Good luck in whatever you decide and good luck with your pregnancy.


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      well i will probaby live in fountain hills.......i hear that there is one mobile there exclusively...aussie pet.
      not sure if i will stay with mobile or build a shop...........would rather buy my own small building and have a shop