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    Are any of you up in Northern Arizona?. Even if you don't live in Northern Arizona I would like to see some of your web sites if that is possible. I have just returned to dog grooming and I have a feeling things have changed in the mobile grooming industry.

    Any suggestions on driving with a trailer please.

    Also, what types of dryers do you have? Does anyone have a Chris Christensen dryer?

    Any suggestions about mobile grooming for mountain dogs also.

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    I'm in Northern AZ (Prescott, to be exact) and am just starting out - today is my 3rd day of grooming school .


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      Good luck to you both!! I am in Scottsdale and you are more than welcome to check out my website. There are so many people who look for groomers on the internet. I would not be a groomer without one.


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        desert your web site...did you do it yourself or do it professionally? Don't think you can mention any names here, but if you did it professionally, would like to know who....I getting closer to going mobile (I'm in Fountain Hills...Hi again) and need to think more about "the business".

        Good luck to both of people are awesome!


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          web page

          I use and did it my self. It wasn't really that hard. I need to update some things on it. I just haven't had time. It is time consuming at first, but once you got it started, it's not so bad..I would most definitely have a website. I have gotten most of my business that way. And pictures of your grooms are a big plus so people can see your work.