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Mobile or House Call Groomer needed

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  • Mobile or House Call Groomer needed

    Is there anyone who wants to groom a very large like 90 lb retriever mix? I have been grooming him for a few years mobile, but he is getting older and has trouble standing. He's a sweet old dog, but his hind legs go out on him and he's just too much dog for me to hold up. They also have a lab that I just do nails and ears and he's really good too. They are in North Phoenix off 7th Ave and Carefree Hwy. Very nice people.

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    Hey, try asking Amberstarr : )


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      Thanks Paws, they did find a groomer with a built in ramp, so no lifting..and I think it went well for them...I actually ran into her at the gas station this morning while I was getting gas and she said the dog did ok with them. It was a big relief for me to know they are being well cared for with another groomer. I'm just not able to do him anymore now that he can't stand well.


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        thanks Paws... Lori we can do very large dogs & even the ones who cant stand etc because I have my hubby with me & he does all the lifting and holding etc. Im glad they found a good groomer with a ramp and it worked out well for them all.

        Hope all is well & hope you had a wonderful holiday season too.



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          Ahh, must be nice to have a helper. lol I'm all by my lonesome. I go on and off to a chiropractor and just can't handle the biggies anymore if they have trouble standing. After grooming them, I have trouble standing. lol
          I do have a few large dogs, but they are easy and know what they have to do and when to turn.


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            Hey desertdog!
            When I get my mobile set up (OK ordered) I plan on serving bigger BATH dogs and senior dogs, at least for least until I get booked. So keep me in mind in a couple of months.

            Were you in Fountain hills the other day? Saw my first mobile (it was a trailer) coming into town. Thought of you.


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              Hi puppycare,

              I have a PetPro van..I am not coordinated enough to pull a trailer. lol Congrats on going mobile..I was wondering if you had decided yet. I will keep you in mind for those big hairies. I am able to be more selective now that I am usually booked about 2 weeks out. They just aren't worth it for me. Good luck and keep me posted when you are ready to start booking.