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  • Grooming in the West Valley

    Hello all groomers. I own a shop in the northwest valley. There is nothing better than grooming a sweet, loving pet. I'm sure you all agree. Hit me up if you want to talk.

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    Hi, nice to meet ya! I hope you are staying busy this holiday season as I'm sure you are. Happy holidays!


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      Thanks and Happy Howlidays to you too. Yep. We've been staying busy. A week here and there then it slows down but then the next week it is right back up to par. How about you? The economy hit in Scottsdale?


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        I'm doing ok. I had to change my voicemail saying I am booked through Christmas..I was getting too many voicemails from non clients wanting to get groomed and just returning all the calls to say no was time consuming. I slow down after the holidays..most of my clients prebook though, so it should be back to normal. I'm only working mon-wed next week, but I am starting an hr early each day to fit more in. I'm ready for next will all be over. lol


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          I know what you mean. We are open til 12:30pm on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (by choice of my groomers). I gave them the option to be closed and they wanted to work. Can't wait until 2010 though. I need some rest. Maybe I can get some then. lol.


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            Hey Groomers in WV

            I'm in Avondale. Wanted to say hi!