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Alaska groomers?

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  • Alaska groomers?

    I know of at least a couple of you on here!

    We're the biggest state with the least amount of groomers.

    My name is Dayna Robertson and I own Juneau Pet Grooming in Juneau Alaska.

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    One here!

    Hi Dayna!

    Julie Volkheimer from Willow, Ak. Working now in Wasilla at The Dog Wash.
    I tried to work out of my home, did for 2 years, but last winter, it really slowed down. Willow is even though on the road system, almost like the bush. Many people live off the grid and don't have running water. So they can't afford to groom their dogs.

    I did find from this list you have a bird list. I checked it out as I have a Quaker parrot. I took her to the shop now where I am working and everyone loves her. She talks up a storm and her timing is great. Since I got her as a hand raised baby and I raise and show Poms, some of her first words where good boy, good girl, bad girl. So when we are soothing a dog we are grooming, she chimes in with her good boys/good girls. lol


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      Hey Julie!

      Being a groomer in Alaska is tough. We probably face some of the same issues. Shipping is always a HUGE deal for me here. So is taking any classes. You know as well as I do that flying to a class we're looking at $1,000 for airfare. UGH

      How far away is Wasilla from Willow? I've been to Anchorage one time, and drove through Palmer. It is pretty remote up there.

      We've considered moving up north, maybe to the Anchor Point area. But that'll have to be after I've saved up more money because I imagine that there are not many dogs to groom there! lol


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        Hi Dayna,
        Willow is about an hour drive north of Wasilla. We get our supplies from Anchorage from Alaska Mill and Feed. My boss orders it and I usually pick it up on a Wed when I go to Anchorage to pick up or drop of my husband for work. He works at Red Dog Mine and flies in and out of Anc. And your so right about flying! We were thinking hard about going on the Grooming Cruise in January, but costs just kept going up as we planned. boohoo

        I don't know how many dogs are in the Anchor Point area, but there is a Kenai Kennel Club and they host a 3 day dog show down there every summer. So I know many people have dogs on the Peninsula. I would think you would do pretty well! Definately something to keep in mind!


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          Hey, I groom here in Alaska! Just south of Frbks about 35 miles. Grooming shop in the sticks, but Eielson AFB close by makes paying the bills doable. Was so busy this last summer I actually quit advertising! So....having had my initial doubts about a grooming shop cutting the mustard in the middle of no where-I was wrong (Thank goodness) And then there were 4....Hah!


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            I'm grooming up in Fairbanks, Alaska at Happy Tails Dog Grooming.. We do pretty well for ourselves, there are 3 of us full-time and one part-time groomer.