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Wahl clipper gaurs/blade.

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  • Wahl clipper gaurs/blade.

    Wahl clipper guard/comb/blade, not sure what’s it’s called. Size 0
    One of the two spring is exposed, I need to get it back in. There are no screws to take it apart.
    Is there a way to fix this?

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    I have unfortunately had this happen. You can usually use a small flat head screw driver to oush the soring down and back in place, but it's never quite the same after. I would really recommend tossing it in a back up drawer and just purchasing a new one. You can buy them individually from most distributers, but I usually just go to amazon.
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      Admin can you ask Jeff?


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        Norboo.. this won't be helpful but I believe in the Mrs Oliver Wendell Douglas philosophy of throwing things out the kitchen window. Okay, seriously, I looked at Jeff Andrew's sharpening site and went through is articles and papers and didn't see if they can be repaired. So, what I would do is get a new one or a new set and take the old one apart and mess around with it.

        Good luck, if you figure it out, let us know. Make sure Mrs. Norboo is careful when she puts them on. I've only had one come apart and I think I was a bit rough at first. Usually I drop them and the comb blade thingys get bent.
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          The Wahl combs are so inexpensive just buy a new one. I sell the sizes 0, 1, and 2 myself because these are the most popular sizes. You can get a small flathead screwdriver and pry that spring back into place but it doesnt seat well after that. When they were first made back in the 90's, where the rivets are on the back there used to be screws so you could change the top plate when it got all bent up from pulling back on the blades. Not any more, everything today is disposable so will buy new and not fix the old. Sucks right??
          Just get a new one, your better off.

          Hope this helps

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