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Grinding vs. honing

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  • Grinding vs. honing

    My Talyn shears are supposed to be sharpened on a Japanese water hone. Is it OK to use a regular hone that's not water of Japanese? My sharpener says he is not using a grinder on them, and he doesn't get them very hot.

    I've having trouble with my shears keeping an edge. Talyn says it's because my sharpener used a grinder, and my sharpener says he doesn't grind them and they're not keeping an edge because I am bumping them on my grooming arm. He says, "Oh no, you can't bump these."

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    Basically grinding is quick removal of metal with a coarse abrasive. Honing is making a smooth edge with finer abrasive. You have to sharpen some scissors/shears a little different (angle, work the inside ride line, etc) and others you could use a rock and do just fine. That is what makes sharpenng so much fun at times.

    One of the new "fun" things sharpeners have to face is the new convex multicolored shears. If you reconvex them you will remove the color coating on them. Most sharpeners explain this before sharpening, but it is still a shock to the customer when they get it back.

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      Too funny, Tim! I was looking at those pretty shears recently and just wondering how long those colors lasted... LOL


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        The color is pretty, but I want mine to cut!!!! HeHeHe
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          One of the groomers at our salon has them and they are OLDDDDD, they still look pretty, they don't cut worth a darn, but atleast they look good:-)


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            Again...scissors and shears are meant to cut...not to look good...Sheesh
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              Gary, at Ryan's Pet supply if I may say so sharpened my AAronco twin thins just fine. Don't know method. Maybe you could ask his opinion. GEIB WON'T Gguarantee if you go elsewhere. I mailed them to Fla. the mail lady at Po really Po'd me when she asked what was in package I said scissors. reply,"Oh, you can;t send them they are a weapon! I said then how do they send them to distributors to sell. What about cutlery @ at big dept. stores. Ding bat lady. I waited quite a while while she checked a manual. I w3as right and they were mailed. What we go thru eh?


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                Recently, I was told my scissors don't fit my hand. I believe her cuz she is very knowledgable in all areas of grooming. I guess you can pick out what looks good in a catalogue unless it is a duplicate pair. So if you aren't at a show how do you get the right ones? She's gonna check my others I never use,now dull and maybe rusty. I don't scissor finish mucg {thanks cv and snap ons} I clean silouhette and edges. bangs feet heads.So far works for me.


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                  I've got a pair of Talyns with the iridescent coating. They're pretty, they make me giggle when I see 'em out of the corner of my eye, and they cut beautifully. Win-win. If the coating gets removed over time by sharpening, so be it. It was only $10.00 more than the plain finish, and I've already gotten more than $10.00 worth of enjoyment out of the spiffy appearance; and I've still got a very nice pair of shears under the bling.