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How does one become a sharpener?

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  • How does one become a sharpener?

    I was wondering if there was a school for sharpening, if "sharpener" is even the job title? How does one even get started sharpening? Where do you get the equipment? Where are the convention and what are they called? I guess we just need a jump start on where to research? I have a family member interested and as a groomer I think it is a wonderful idea having a sharpener in the family.

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    Contact Jeff at northern tails. I get the feeling from talking with him that he would help guide someone rather than seeing it as a threat.
    The mobile groomer I met while at grooming school actually trained in Japan( kenchii) for a year. There are different levels of competency just as with groomers.
    If it works out it sounds like you could have a family corporation starting