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    Does anyone know a good and cheap sharpener for shears,blades and clippers in massachusetts?

    Let me know!

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    I am not in Mass. But I really would suggest trying Jeff at Northern Tails. His prices are great, he stands behind his work, which is always good. and he has fast turn around on all orders.

    Don't look for a cheap sharpener and service person, look for one who who actually knows what they are doing!! The wrong person can completely RUIN your tools and shears. I know from past experiences,I'm sure others will agree. Maybe you will find a local guy, that will be great, just be sure he can do a good job.



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      Yeah, don't trust the cheap guy. Just ask my three Oster shears that are sitting in my junk drawer basically unusable.

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        Cheap and good do not usually go hand in hand. I also suggest you try Jeff at Northern Tails. He is priced well, does execellent work and turn around time is quick.
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          Never trust a sharpener that charges the same price for convex or bevelled edge shears.

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            Sometimes you have to mail out because there really isnt anyone that can come by the shop in a timely manner anyways. FP was right saying that if you give your high dollar shears to the wrong person, they come back cutting like cheap shears from Walmart. I fix so many shears that were given to someone that really didnt know what they had in their hand, and put the edge on them that they watched in the video they were trained with. Not good.

            You can have your stuff back in 7 to 11 days from when you put it in the mail if you ship to me. That can be faster than finding a local sharpener, then waiting for them to show up when they finally get around to it. Could take weeks. This way you are in control and know when your going to have sharp equipment again.

            I've enclosed my price list for you to look at. My website is filled with videos and articles that will help you maintain your stuff so it will last longer if you want to look at it. No other sharpener will do that for you, I show you everything from 34 years in my own grooming shop.

            Worse thing you can do is give your stuff to someone nobody knows or have never heard of and hope they do good, because when your stuff doesnt work, neither do you.

            Hope this helps you.

            Jeff Andrews
            Northern Tails Sharpening, Inc
            Mobile, Alabama
            Groomer/Shop Owner
            [email protected]
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            “A certified Sharkfin and 44/20 sharpening service”
            **We sell Diamond Carbide Nail Grinding Wheels**

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              Surface grinder is on the wish list. When I do my planer knives I put a stone in the table saw and have a jig to run the knife back and fourth so that works pretty good on them but of course I am doing a hollow grind.


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                Cool, I love sending mine out.